Swades: A gutsy and phenomenal film

A film that comes from the kitty of an ace filmmaker will hardly ever turn out to sour our mood. The film may be highly intellectual but the auteur will never let go off the entertainment quotient. One such film, Swades, which was the only one to be shot in NASA research center earned acclaims from the critics in India and abroad. The film was loosely based on the story of an NRI couple, Aravinda Pillalamarri and Ravi Kuchimanchi, who came back to India and later developed pedal power generators to bring electricity in remote, rural village schools.

Film Swades, became a massive hit amongst the audience although it didn’t do well at the box office. Many believed the film had a recurring theme of Gandhism which started with the first name of the protagonist which was Mohan.

Initially when it was offered to Hrithik Roshan, he declined the offer immediately after reading the script. Perhaps, the star thought that the film lacked entertainment quotient. But as they say one man’s loss is another man’s gain and it was the King Khan who took up the film. He became the anchor of the film in true sense! And, we cannot imagine any other actor doing justice to the character of Mohan Bhargava.

One-of-a-kind and politically correct film, it was said to be an exemplary film for its “unique experiment with grassroot realism.” The film had a profound effect on the senses of every Indian, so much so that even plush multiplexes ran houseful! It earned applause for the simplistic portrayal of the country and its people, for the harsh realities that it showcased and for the patriotic feelings it evoked in us! Backed by stellar performance, excellent direction and stupendous music, the film became a classic with its release.

These are reasons enough for us. But if you still believe that the film is not a classic, then you ought to watch this:

The plight of a farmer and the poor child will leave you heartbroken.

The sparkle in the eye of the old woman will bring a smile to your face.

And, lastly, you will agree with Mohan Bhargava that no nation is perfect, WE need to perfect it!


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