Jab We Fell In Love With Geet….

Movies are magic. They may be far from being realistic but they are life assuring. They are inspiring. And that’s how they make life beautiful. Watching a movie is worth it when it gives you something to take home. There are plenty of films that cast such a spell on you. Brighten your otherwise dull day and uplift your spirits. However, our favorite happens to be Imtiaz Ali’s directorial venture Jab We Met. This film filled the kitty of its cast & crew with hits and hopes. And it equally influenced the viewers. JWM will complete 7 years next month and this happens to be our ode to a wonderful, wonderful film from an ace director.

Jab We Met

Post the making of the film, the director was dubious about the title of the film. He gave audience three options to choose from. Preferred names were “Punjab Mail”, “Ishq Via Bhatinda” and “Jab We Met”. The latter won the audience poll hands down. While the director seemed dubious over the title Geet was pretty confident in saying, “Koi Doubt Mat Rakhna…”

There was hardly any doubt that this chatter box cannot win our hearts. She was zealous and full of life. She made her choices, faltered and rose once again to shine. She energized us with “Agey kya hone wala hain iss par kisika control toh hai nahi toh aise mein main wahi karti hoon jo mera dil kehta hai!”

Shakespeare said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” And Geet made us realize the same. Our destiny is what we make. It never depends on the external factors. No one can influence our lives. We are the godfathers of our life. We shape it, we break it and no one else should be blamed for it. “Kal ko main kisiko blame nahi karna chahti ki Geet tumhari wajah se meri life kharab ho gayi. Meri life jo bhi hogi mujhe pata hoga ke mere wajah se aise hai toh I’ll be happy!”

She harangued Aditya and us with her senseless ranting but a microscopic look had us believing, how very introspective her talk was.

Jab We Met

She made us fall in love with ourselves. “Main apni favourite hoon.”

She made us believe in passion and that passion shouldn’t wane from our lives ‘coz “Mujhe to lagta hai ki insaan jo kuch bhi real mein chahta hai na, actual mein, usko life mein vohi milta hai.”

She left us with immense memories. And thought us that it is the intensity of the moment, it is speck of the memories that we will cherish lifelong even if the moment has passed away. “Yeh jo waqt haina, jo hum kat rahe hain? Yeh bahot acha time hai. Dekhna agey chal kar hum isse yaad karenge aur hasengey.”

And lastly, she helped us understand our inner voice. “Ek ajib sa darr lag raha tha…jaise kuch galat ho raha he, jaise koi train chhot rahi he…”

In this journey from Mumbai to Bhatinda, we fell in love with ever so joyous and chirpy Geet. Did you? Let us know in the comments below.

We leave you with this amazing scene from the film.


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