Run-Of-The-Mill Bollywood Date Ideas That You Shouldn’t Try

Going out for a date, are you? Where do you plan to head to? ‘Have no idea so you tune into a Bollywood film and decide to take your date for a movie. Don’t you think that’s one heck of a run-of-the-mill idea for a date? Well, Bollywood is galore with such ideas and by now have sautéed these ideas in a way that looks tasteless. We bring you the Run-Of-The-Mill Bollywood date ideas that you shouldn’t try. Get this? You shouldn’t try!

The Rooftop Date / Dancing In The Rain

Bollywood Date Idea

Bollywood has explored this idea plenty of time and in one too many unique ways. From the dancing in the rain to semi-honeymooning, rooftop is one place you shouldn’t think of taking your date to. This idea is done to death!

A Train Ride

Bollywood date idea

It looks romantic when Raj stretches out his hand for Simran to hold on to while her train is about to leave. But in reality you cannot and we mean, CANNOT, take your date on a train ride. It’s risky! It simply is, in a city like Mumbai, this date plan is a big time failure.

Historical Places

Bollywood date idea

If you wish to make this date a history, we mean not the one like Shahjahan and Mumtaz, we mean if you wish to make this date a forgotten event then go ahead, take your date to a rich in history and folklore-ish place. Dude that will bore her to tears and you’d certainly be out of her books.


Bollywood date idea

You think taking your take to a beach looks pompous? Blah! The idea itself doesn’t strike a chord let alone the actual date. The stink of the dry fish will stand in for the aromas of the restaurant and the murky sandy dunes will become your royal seats. And yes, you will have dinner below the starlit sky i.e. if you can see any stars in the metropolitan polluted sky.

Walk In The Woods

Bollywood date idea

You won’t be able to find the perfect pine trees or oak tree forests in the city. If you happen to be a spendthrift then flying to Ooty won’t be a problem for you. But then again you will have to check if your date’s free for the mini-date-vacation. If not then National park should work fine for you.

Rickshaw Ride

Bollywood date idea

This will be one costliest of the dates that you’d have ever planned. If you wish to cut the cost then simply scrap this idea.

Midst The Greenery

Bollywood date idea

Although this will show your date how much you respect Mother Nature there is a possibility of getting bitten by an alien insect which can lead to multiple harms. Still, if you wish, go ahead; sit on the moss laden stones near those algae infested trees that house the most vicious creepy-crawlies.

Now that we have rejected these date ideas, we only await the release of the YRF’s next Daawat-E-Ishq to present us with inimitable ideas for a date!


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