Anand Mara Nahi, Anand Marte Nahi

You’ve got no heart if you don’t shed a tear or two when watching this utterly humane film. The subject might seem a passé now that it has been explored many times by the filmmakers yet a film like Anand will never be outdated. It is rather a timeless classic, a classic that has entered a world of eternal cinema, a classic which is a complete entertainer from a brilliant cast.

Anand which starred the yesteryears superstar Rajesh Khanna remains one of our all times favourite. Right from the dialogues to the story to acting, everything seems in perfect proportion. It has dollop of humour, drama and to an extent melodrama as well. A simple, straight-forward tale of a man who is dying owing to intestinal cancer is etched in our memories as if it were our beloved who was suffering from the incorrigible disease. This film is an epitome of brilliant artistry. And what remains with the audience are not mere bits and pieces of Anand but he himself. His walk, his talk, his laughter, his attitude, it simply stays put.

What Anand gave us was sheer bliss. He was a complete man who lived an incomplete life. He left us mid-way but filled our plates with ample of lessons for life.


Anand believed that, “zindagi badi honi chahiye… lambi nahin” and isn’t it true? Add life to your years not years to your life. That’s what matters. Anand lived in present and made every moment pleasant – “Hum aane waale gham ko kheench taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hai …” Anand knew the essence of life, zindagi aur maut upar waale ke haath hai… usse na toh aap badal sakte hai na main… hum sab to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hai jinki dor upar waale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai.”

Anand was a wanderer who wandered into our lives and added a tinge of melody to it. Manna Dey became the voice of his soul. He tried resolving the mystery of life…

And when he did decipher life, the sun was about to set…

Anand’s doctor, his friend, philosopher and guide in this turbulent journey, Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee a.k.a. Babu Moshaye, added a charm to Anand’s story.

If it weren’t for Babu Moshaye, Anand’s tale probably would have gone sour.

And then there was this Captain of the ship, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, without whom neither Anand nor Babu Moshaye would have survived the cyclone.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee

He single handedly took the vessel to a safe climax.

Decades have passed since the release of the film par phir bhi “Anand mara nahi,” kyunki, “Anand marte nahi

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