And You Thought Bollywood Movies Weren’t Worth A Watch…

If a picture is worth a thousand words then it is a motion picture that is worth a million. We have no qualms with those who believe that Bollywood comes up with crappy films because we are firm believers in freedom of speech. However, before the haters of Bollywood go on ranting how bad Indian film industry can get and how highbrow Hollywood products are, we ask them to stop and take a look at these films.

Emotional quotient in our films is an indispensible factor. However, they are equally high on intellectual and graphics. But perhaps our adversaries haven’t taken a closer look. We give them a taste of Bollywood that’s spicy as much as emotional and intellectual.

This one’s to our pseudo-intellectual adversaries who claim to have immense faith in Hollywood. Listing 9 terrific Bollywood films in no particular order.



Ever wondered what happens to a woman who is abducted and forced to marry an unknown guy? All of this only to seek revenge over a petty property dispute? Put this midst the India-Pak partition!

The atrocity and the pain of such an incident is beyond our imagination. But Amrita Pritam penned it down as if it were her own story. And Chandraprakash Dwivedi seamed the same into a film with a flawless executioner’s skills!

My Brother…Nikhil

My Brother Nikhil


Whatever happened to humanity? That’s the question that arises in our mind as we watch this film. Having a disease is no crime and no reason to imprison the ailing party. But that’s what happened to Nikhil. Being an HIV positive became his crime. He was shattered and torn to pieces. The world shunned him, even his parents threw him out of the house. Fighting all the odds he came to terms with his life. This film equally evokes despair and hope. It is the first Hindi film to openly portray homosexuality on screen!

Dil Dosti Etc

Dil Dosti Etc

Set amidst the campus politics this is a tale of two divergent cultures, the representatives of which are Sanjay Mishra and Apurv. One runs behind his passion and the other tries finding meaning of life through his amorous relations with girls. The wager wages between the two which leads us to believe how very volatile the young minds are. We make mistakes when we are young but they can, and are likely to, lead to irreparable repercussions.



This one again speaks of youth and their involvement in politics. However, this one takes us on a gruesome reality ride. The slaughter and mind-game is discernible. Injustice, quest for power, hypocrisy form the themes of this film. The film has a bunch of veteran actors and their stellar performance makes this film a must watch.



Dor is a touching tale of hope, relationships, faith and redemption. It is a tale of two women, where one holds the strings of others life and in a way both are unknowingly tied up by a single string.  While one is embroiled in the conservative society, the other one pushes the limits to bail out her husband. Both women have a daunting task ahead of them but they brave the odds and come out victorious.

Ankur Arora Murder Case

Ankur Arora Muder Case

They say, doctors are Gods equivalent on earth but what of the cases where negligence by the doctors leads to death? Based on a real incident, this film is about one such case where an eight year old is taken to grave by the medical negligence of a senior doctor. To fight for the right an intern doctor and the child’s family set out on a tumultuous journey. This film is likely to leave you shaken.



Be it any religion or any state and continent, the plight of women hardly differ. The film depicts the condition of women as it traverses from one part of the world to other. What’s appeasing is the way Ramayan’s Sita is seamed in the film. Every character has a synonymous name and the trial they go through is identical to Sita’s Agnipariksha.

Chandni Bar

Chandni Bar

A National Award winning film, Chandni Bar, is a gripping tale where poverty is at the circumference. The life of Mumtaz, her husband Potiya and her children-Abhay and Payal gives the film a humanitarian angle. Owing to circumstances, Mumtaz is forced to turn into a bar girl, she is raped by her uncle. And when she finds love, it is at the behest of death and fear. Her husband is a gangster and soon dies in an encounter. She is left to face the situation where she is once again forced to become a bar dancer.

Madras Café

Madras Cafe

Madras Café is one heck of a realistic film made in the contemporary times. We have a stereotypical image in our mind about army and the R&AW agents; this shatters all the misleading notions. It doesn’t entice us with the love life of the protagonist; it shows us sheer business of a soldier. It leaves us with a message that the public too needs to forward help if we aim to stop terrorism!

If this list is not enough, we’d rather you watch Manoj Kumar’s Purab aur Paschim, perhaps then you might differ in your opinions!

Till then, cheers!


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