Happy Birthday Shabana Azmi

Happy Birthday Shabana AzmiA versatile actor needs no introduction. Their fame transcends the boundaries and never hits a low. Standing on this pedestal are many stars from Bollywood. We have, in many ways, become accustomed to their fame and stardom. One name amongst the stars that have shimmered globally is Shabana Azmi. Born with immense talent this doll from B-town went on to entertain us with earthy films like Arth and Ankur. Commercial cinema like Amar Akbar Anthony, Masoom too fell in her kitty and she only proved her prowess going forward.

On her 64th Birthday, we bring you the Shabana Azmi fact file!

For each one of us, Birthday is a time for celebration but for Shabana it is work that comes first. Shabana Azmi will be engaged in technical rehearsals for her play Happy Birthday Sunita which opens tomorrow in London. That’s something, isn’t it?

Cake cutting on our birthdays has become a fad despite it not being a part of Indian tradition. And Shabana Azmi believes just that! She looks at cake cutting as a mere practice and doesn’t seem to like it.

Birthdays are an occasion for receiving gift but Shabana believes that it is best to give and receive gift without looking for any occasion. True that, ‘coz it only deepens your bonds.

Every girl goes weak in the knee when she thinks of chocolates and flowers. We donno about chocolates, but Shabana confesses that she has a weakness for flowers! Mogra and Rajnigandha happen to be her favourite.

Her most special birthday ever was her 50th birthday when her friends and family from around the nooks and corners of the world flew down to celebrate the day with her.

Azmi says that her life is influenced by a few people amongst whom her Parents are foremost followed by her husband, Javed Akhtar, filmmaker Shyam Benegal, Actor Shashi Kapoor and his wife Jennifer Kapoor.

Azmi started with humble beginnings like Ankur and sprouted to root herself well in Indian and Global cinema. Azmi didn’t shy away from expressing sexuality. She only proved her prowess when took up Fire. Amongst the guild of actors, Azmi, is perhaps the most proficient actor you will come across who bids her duty well as an actor, mother, wife, social worker and most importantly as a Human Being.

We wish Shabana Azmi a very #HappyBirthday. May you keep entertaining us with your undistinguished performances. 🙂

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