Sonam Kapoor: A Royal Misfit With Khoobsurat Looks

Last week we had Finding Fanny and Creature 3D releasing. While one was an upscale laugh riot, the other almost foiled the horror genre. This week we are at the behest of two rom-coms coming from two very big banners. Daawat-e-ishq released by YRF and Khoobsurat released by Disney pictures will rule the weekend for the cinema goers. When Parineeti will lure us to the yummilicious delicacies from Lucknow and Hyderabad, Sonam will become India’s first crown Disney princess ever.

Sonam Kapoor has been in the buzz ever since the first poster of the film was out. While many believed that the film won’t have a novel effect (since it is deemed to be a remake) others argued over the prospects of the film pulling young crowd. Sonam Kapoor’s look in the film has already become a style statement for the youth. Although the cuteness of Mickey and Minnie doesn’t cease to amuse and although Disney characters have been in fashion for long, Sonam has brought the cuteness flood by endorsing the Disney characters in her look for the film.

We take a look at the cuteness on rise Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat looks.

The damsel look


She looks at her prince with awe but what’s caught our attention is the Disney princess hairdo and the cream coloured gown.

The polka dots


Polka dots are a rage amongst the Disney fans! How can we let go of the image of a cute Minnie who dashingly sports Polka Dots. And here we have Sonam Kapoor doing the shame.

The checkered spirit



Lizzie Mcguire made our childhood awesome and the awesomest thing for her was fashion. She was an ultimate diva who loved checks. And we think, she turned out to be an inspiration to Sonam.

The hippie



We all know Pocahontas looked like a hippie and in this film, Sonam apes the hippie look of Pocahontas with chunkie eyeframe and the rainbow headband.

A cutie


We’d go on and on about how cute she gets with each passing frame in this film. Be it the polka dots or her hairdos we love it all. The cutest of all is the PINK! Yes, the pink that she flaunts. Ghosh, how we love it!

Kudos to the fashionista for her awesome-blossom fashion sense!

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