Highway: One Poignant, Rife And Ripe Experience

Bollywood films that budded with the mythological dramas have evolved into sensible-realistic motion pictures of the day. Initially what used to be the highlight of the film was either its story or the actors. However, the films have now started to get the Director’s label. Each director has carved a niche for himself and that’s enough to pull the crowd. When we talk about an Anurag Kashyap, a Karan Johar or an Imtiaz Ali film, we are assured to come back home smiling. Their films aren’t all that bad and mostly they are paisa vasool films. We can wage a wager on these highbrow directors and come out with enough cash to buy us a mansion! That’s how we perceive these star makers.

Speaking of the starmakers, the name Imtiaz Ali rings bell. He is an immensely talented director who puts his heart and soul in the film. He shapes the film as if it were his young self. There’s hardly any doubt that Ali has a mastery to mirror his thoughts exquisitely on the canvas.  His filmography is a living proof. And then, he is indeed a starmaker! Most of us developed a liking towards Kareena Kapoor post Jab We Met, Ranbir Kapoor became a superstar overnight with the release of Rockstar and Ali’s recent, Highway, made Alia Bhatt rank amongst the versatile actors!


Someone once said that, every time you watch an Imtiaz Ali film something changes within you. He has that effect on his audience. He knows how to mould his characters and bring out the best in them. He knows far too well how to serve his audience with a bitter dose. Highway was one such thoroughly engaging film. It got under our skin and shook us from within. Amidst the beauty of barren mountains and the roads less travelled, this film told a most tender tale of a girl, Veera. Her distorted childhood. Her chase for freedom. Her earthy dreams and ambitions. Imtiaz Ali’s Highway was about the child within us which is soiled by our surrounding.

Ali’s mastery rests not only in his story-telling skills but he assiduously makes use of Silence as the theme for this movie. Isn’t it obvious? The minute after Veera vents out her anger against her uncle who would sexually abuse her, she goes and hugs Mahabir. How beautiful was that! That scene spoke volumes. And then, when we look at Mahabir’s character he isn’t much of a talker yet his simple statements have great impact on our psyche. “Sab pahad apne hi hai, konsa bhi chun le.” If you weren’t already in love with Randeep Hooda you instantly fall for him after watching this film!


There’s no doubt that Rahman’s music added more charm to the whole Highway ride but every asset of the film was equally compelling. When one starts writing about a masterpiece such as Highway it is either very difficult to stop raving or we are at the loss of words!

Highway is all about loss of innocence and much more. The film breathes life in each scene and each frame. It unfurls the essence of life. It is heart touching. All of it! And it is a feast for the hitch-hikers and backpackers.

Highway gives a self alleviating experience. It is one poignant, rife and ripe experience. And if you haven’t watched it yet, we’d advise you to watch it. Like, Now!

PS: The litmus test-The dexterity of the auteur rests in the climax of the film which is simplistic in its approach.

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