Bigg Boss 8 Aircraft Takes Off

Amidst much fanfare and pomp, Bigg Boss season 8 was launched. The flight of this season took off with the most popular captain of the aircraft, Salman Khan and his notoriety. The concept of the reality show which has been adapted from a western reality show, Big Brother, has grown four fold in the past few years. In its 8th season now, the show has turned into a launch pad for the flop actors who wish to publicize themselves through the 24/7 cameras that zoom in on them in the Bigg Boss house.

The season 8 that was launched yesterday saw an array of celebs from different walks of life. The show has been controversial ever since its inception. However, it is this factor that has been crowd pulling. Many believe the show to be scripted but we enjoy watching it nonetheless. With every season we get one cheapo, one lovebird couple, one mufat, one philosophical, one disciplinarian, one lazy bum and the list goes on. While we appreciate the secular nature of this show, we object the portrayal of some of the tiffs. However, the show is less likely to eliminate such squabbles.

So let’s take a sneak peek at what the show has to offer this season.

The flops

Bigg Boss 8

Like always the show has bunch of flops who crave the media attention.

The boldies

bigg boss 8

There are many who are bold and beautiful or so they think!

The daily soap-walas

bigg boss 8

Irked by the routine rona-dhona they make an appearance on Bigg Boss for a change.

The firang

bigg boss 8

Last year it was Elli, before that Sunny, much before that Claudia and now we have Natasha Stankovic to continue entertaining us with their toota-phoota Hindi.

All new theme

Bigg Boss 8

Now that we have a new theme with our dear host Sallu being our Pilot for this flight and the “secret society” escalating our curiosity, we hope to see some new games and tasks this season in the Bigg Boss house.

P.S: We expect the flight to be soon hijacked by the terrorist!




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