Happy Birthday Dev Anand

This day in 1923, a star was born. His dexterity rested in his charm and that lovely smile. The hair bob that he flaunted was the style statement of the era. His dance might excite some for it was the most contemporary move of the time. His acting, his style, his dance were a fad then. Some even emulate him now after ages. Dev Anand might have left the mortal world but his aura has become eternal.

We celebrate the birthday of this auteur. Here’s an ode to Dev saab, some of his classic melodies.

Dev Anand was a flamboyant personality. He had a fetish for jackets. It is believed that Dev saab owned at least 800 jackets. He’d often be seen in yellow, brown and black jackets. He even sported red coloured jackets with panache.

Dev saab’s style and mannerisms were often compared to the Hollywood actor Gregory Peck.

Dev Anand was very particular about his place for vacation. He often went to Mahabaleshwar where he spent quality time writing scripts. And in Mahabaleshwar it was Fedrick Hotel where he’d stay in room no. 11.

Can you believe this that in his entire career Dev Anand dies only once and that happens to be his death scene from Guide.

In the film Hare Rama Hare Krishna actress Mumtaz was offered the role to play Janice. However since she had played Dev saab’s love interest in many other films she declined the offer.

Which is your favourite Dev Saab classic let us know in the comments below.

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