Ranveer Singh Nails The #BangBangDare

The last time Ranveer Singh was seen trending on our timeline was when Kil Dil trailer released. People were raving about his “Kill-er” attitude. This man is psychedelic from where we are looking. Very sprightly, way too lively and energetic! While we keep looking the source of his enthusiasm we also enjoy his nonchalant performances.

This time around Ranveer’s #BangBangDare is what has led to the entire buzz. We are unsure if #MyBangBangPoster has been doing any rounds in social media but Ranveer surely has nailed it with this video…

He is crazy and he is fantastic.He hops on the streets of Bandra and does hilarious moves by trying to emulate Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik challenged Farhan Akhtar, Dino Morea, Uday Chopra, Daboo Ratnani amongst many others. But Ranveer Singh simply took away all the limelight.

#BTW since Bang Bang was giving out the autographed poster of the film, we tried getting ours…

Bang Bang

Have you tried it yet?

Comment your Bang Bang poster with a special message in the comment box below!

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