Bollywood Is Bonding Beyond Page3 & Films

A trend that’s making more news on the social media.

Favor happens to be a favorite word of Bollywood cinestars. With many trying to be the Godfather for the newbie stars this word, ‘favor’, seems to have set a trend in the industry. Favors have been showered upon each other in way that works in the interest of the upcoming releases. One can call it an innovative way to spread the word about the film.

Calling upon the starcast of the films on the sets of reality shows is a done to death promotion technique. However, it still rakes in the audience appreciation. And, the baap of such promotions happens to be the Bigg Boss, Salman Khan. Salman has not only helped the newbies but also his friends from the industries. We cannot forget how he came to the rescue of Govinda who was a waning actor then. With his latest Kill Dil which is slated to be released on November 14th, it looks like the so called “favor” bestowed upon Govinda by Bhai has been working magic for the star.


It is, therefore, very likely that the theme of Bonding that has been seeping in the industry has started with Salman Khan. Remember what Khan did when Aamir asked him to wear the Dhoom 3 hat? He went on the sets of the reality show all decked up and with that hat to show off! In response to Bhai’s generosity Aamir reacted saying, “I recently messaged Salman saying I am sending you my hat… please wear it at some event, it will help us but I didn’t know he will wear it directly in ‘Bigg Boss’”

Now the other actors also have started outvying the Superstar in this run for Bonding. It is pleasant to see Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor standing by the “genius of the year”, Alia Bhatt and making a mockery of the whole Alia Bhatt jokes. Parineeti who was in fact touted to be Alia’s rival shut the whole rivalry rumor by a mere appearance in a talk show alongside Alia.

Next up to emulate Khan were many filmstars including Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Farhan Akhtar who took up Hrithik Roshan’s #BangBangDare and completed it with utter sportsmen spirit. Shahid and Shraddha who in fact have their film releasing with Bang Bang were sprightly to have at least retweeted Hrithik’s demand for #BangBangDare. How soon will Shraddha come up with her #BangBangDare video, we don’t know. But with this it is clear that the stars seems to be bonding with an aim to help promote each other.

While Ranveer Singh’s #BangBangDare went viral, this one needs to have a fairly large audience as well. Check out Farhan Akhtar doing that #BangBangDare.

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