An Action Packed Weekend With Haider And Bang Bang

Last week saw many small budget films making a dash for the release. Perhaps the fear of the big budgets releasing this week might have caught up with them. However, out of the many only Chaarfutiya Chhokare happened to leave a mark. Desi Kattey despite having big star cast fizzled out in just a few minutes. This week sees two colossal motion pictures- Haider & Bang Bang– gracing the celluloid.

While Haider boasts off a stellar starcast with equally power packed production team, Bang Bang has Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif doing the dare devilry acts. Both are likely to be crowd pullers albeit Haider will have a tad niche audience.

Vishal Bharadwaj has an ingenuity to play around with literature and depict it to suit the Indian audience. This has appeased the Indian audience in the past and should probably retain that magic now. The trailer seems very subtle in its take on Hamlet. And the performances too look to be delicate. The songs of the film have cast a spell on the viewers with Khul Kabhi topping the charts. Bang Bang’s Meherbaan too is seen in a close competition with Khul Kabhi. However, the stunts in the trailer make this film a commercial cinema.

Haider-Bang Bang

Hrithik’s fan base is likely to take this film to the celebrated 100 crore club. But we cannot say the same about Haider. The kind of audience Haider will attract is mostly from the creamy layer. This audience is least interested in the stunts or the dialogues of the film. Being very critical when it comes to their tastes, they are very much going to scrutinize the making of Haider. Conceptually while we are clear of what and who Haider is, we are very much worried about its execution. But then the name Vishal Bharadwaj is enough to calm our worries. In the past we have had Maqbool and Omkara which have left the audience dazed with the Indianized versions of Shakespeare’s works. While Maqbool adroitly adapted Macbeth, Omkara competently cashed on Othello.

Speaking of Bang Bang, which is touted to be a remake of the Hollywood film Knight And Day, it is loud, raucous and massive when it comes to the amount of stunts that have been performed. And with Hrithik sticking to the digital media for promotions, the film has created enough buzz in the market. Hrithik and Katrina make a great couple on-screen. However, we hope that they do not end up ruining Knight And Day as they pose as the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz of Bollywood.

So what is your pick for the week? Let us know in the comments below.

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