Same, Same But Different – The Bollywood Posters

It is fun to see Bollywood doing a Hollywood saga. Adapting it is a perpetually difficult task but the production cost is something that adds to all the troubles. The only way Bollywood gets to escape from these troubles is by using the archetypal buttons of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The business of glitteratis is all about copy-paste and it has been going for ages. Movies, music compositions are the usual stuff that gets Indianized. However, off late even the movie posters get copied. Nothing and we mean not a thing goes waste in India.

So clean and so clear are these copies.

Have a look!


Mausam copied from Titanic so subtly that even the expressions of the leads don’t change!

Kites- The Notebook

Only difference between the two is the background theme. If one is dunes the other is drizzle.

Hulchul-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Except the attires, all remains the same!

Rody Rathore-The Replacement KillersSpot the difference.

Hiss- King Arthur

Mallika Sherawat, whatever did you think you were doing?

Murder 3- Jennifer's Body

Accept the name Fox neither seems to appeal your senses, right?

Ugli aur Pagli - Til Death

Copy machines could have done better than this.

ZNMD- Lords of dogtown

Accolades to Zoya Akhtar for the ingenious story, direction…and copy work.

Ek Villain- Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks would have never thought that he’d be portrayed as Ek Villain.

quim - PK

And Mr. Perfectionist perfectly apes a Portuguese musician, Quim Barreriro for his upcoming film PK‘s poster.

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