Tinsel Town Goes Gaga Over Haider

Vishal Bhardwaj is an auteur who knows his audience well. He has an unspoken knack to woo his audience with his creativity. His work might be adapted from literary works but to weave it into a story that’s most suitable on screen is a talent one cannot overlook. With Haider, Bhardwaj completes his Shakespeare trilogy. Maqbool and Omkara were the first two installments of this trilogy. It is believed that Bhardwaj thought of adapting Hamlet in the setting of grief stricken Valley only after he read Basharat Peer’s novel “Curfewed Night.” It is therefore that we shall see Peer as a co-writer in this film.

With Bhardwaj’s dexterity and Peer’s proficiency, Haider comes out as a master stroke so say the B-towners who recently attended the special screening of Haider in Mumbai’s Sunny Sound Studio.

The tinsel town went gaga about Haider. It left an immense impact on the celebs. So much was its effect that we saw Irrfan Khan hooked to twitter with all his tweets raving about the film.

Irrfan Khan tweets about Haider

A man who himself is one outstanding filmmaker; Hansal Mehta, too was touched by the film. He went on to tweet that the world is likely to adapt Vishal Bhardwaj’s work in distant future!

Hansal Mehta tweets about Haidet

Deepa Mehta summed up her review keeping it politically concise and correct.\

Deepa Mehta tweets about Haider

Commercially unsuccessful too took home some lessons.

Goldie Behl tweets about Haider

Ali Zafar was in awe of the performances and applauded Vishal for handling a sensitive issue with aplomb.

Ali Zafar tweets about Haider

Huma Qureshi’s grammatically unsuave tweets only make it evident that since she was so full of Haider she thought of overlooking the copy errors.

Huma Qureshi tweets about Haider

And after these verdicts from the veterans, we only await the release of the film.

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