Yesteryears Starlets To Rule 70 Mm Yet Again

Bollywood is trying out new avenues to charm the viewers. The latest being selling an old wine in a brand new bottle. No, No, don’t get us wrong. We are not hinting at the remakes. But rather the trend of comeback of the yesteryears actresses in the mainstream cinema. Yes, that’s one heck of a trend which has become a buzz word these days.


After Sridevi casting her spell in English Vinglish, the filmmakers became keener on casting the eld starlets and making big monies. Dimple Kapadia was the one who plunged in the mainstream cinema with her film What The Fish that was released early this year. Perhaps Sridevi did prove her point and why not. We still love to watch Hindi films of 70s and 80s then why not wager on the winning horse.


So now we see Rekha following suit. Rekha will star in Super Nani and the trailer looks super fun. If Hrithik aped MJ, Rekha does a BigB, a Mother India and an Anarkali.  We have heard that Hema Malini too will start shooting for Ramesh Sippy’s Shimla Mirchi. The duo has given massive hits like Seeta aur Geeta, Andaz and Sholay together. How will they fare this time around only tomorrow will tell! Till then we can only hope that there are more entertainers starring the evergreen divas.

These film with Bollywood’s evergreen divas as the lead restores our faith in gender equality per se. No matter what is the box office result yet we cannot resist watching these damsels rule the 70 mm yet again.

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