Why Satyamev Jayate Is The Best Show Ever On Indian Telly

Satyamev Jayate that started two years ago was a roaring success. It was one-of-a-kind show which tackled the social issues, debated on it, the show makers went through a lot of research to put up a single episode and towards the end they came up with a highly feasible solution.  The third season of the show kick started yesterday and within a short span has become talk of the town.

Mr. Perfectionist as its host may be one reason behind its successful run on the small screen but there are many more reasons why Satyamev Jayate is the best show ever on the Indian Telly.

Through yesterday’s episode the superstar appealed to the masses to make sports their addiction. To do away with the harmful drugs and instead be drugged on sports. Highly innovative, isn’t it?

This show brings forth the unsung heroes. Before the show started no one knew who Amisha Yagnik was or who Harish Iyer was. But soon the show made them our heroes!

This is the only show which is simulcast in eight distinct languages that are spoken in India.

The show has garnered massive positive response from around the world. This show is watched by around 600 million Indians and the NGOs featured on the show are said to have received donations in the crores after being highlighted on the show.

Amidst all the clamour of dhinkachika and dhating nach, we get some very melodious and meaningful songs from this show.

This show is important as much as it is relevant and that is what makes it the best show ever on the Indian telly! Let us all pledge together, #MumkinHai.

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