Boycott Or Not, Haider Is The Movie Of The Year!

Many seem to have boycotted Haider for it goes against their perceived conventions. However, the raw, titillating beauty that Haider captures is something we cannot overlook. The recently released film has become talk of the talk. It has gotten embroiled in controversies but we’d only say that it will pass the phase and come out as glorious.

The film undoubtedly has the political undertones but that happens to be the purpose of the film. Many movies out there are doing their bit to entertain the masses; this one gives way to fresh and refreshing aura. The film certainly doesn’t aim to educate and neither does it have any propaganda. The film merely tackles the truth that commands the Kashmir valley. Perhaps, the film goes overboard while trying to portray Indian army in bad light. But it is often that we sympathize with the army and never with the residents of Kashmir. By giving an alternate view Bhardwaj does nothing but spark conversation.


We Indians who do not reside in Valley and who are unaware of the dreadful situations in the Valley hardly ever bother to stop and think about it. Haider has connected the masses and sparked the conversation. Haider has let the cat out of the bag. Haider has reinstated the belief of the masses, especially of the Kashmiri masses, that as Indians we, the non-residents of Kashmir, do know what crimes go on in the pretense of law.

Haider neither justifies nor criminalizes the life in valley. It merely tells a poignant tale. And which is why we see that the film has garnered a huge 9.0 rating on IMDB. Haider has become a classic overnight. It deserves so. The other films on IMDB to get 9.0 or closer to that are Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Schindler’s List among others.


Amul too applauds this magnum opus by their latest creative.


The film very well adapts Hamlet and leaves no crassness in it. It introduces us to different perspectives and realities of Kashmir. It is at the behest of truth that the entire film operates. The film is not high on giving out social message but it certainly makes the point clear, Revenge only gives birth to revenge, “Intequaam se sirf Intequaam paida hota hai, azadi nahi.”

Despite all of this there are those who wish to #BoycottHaider. Our only appeal to them is to go out and watch the film. Let your feelings do the talking. And we are certain your heart will only melt and reach out to Haider.

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