Teri Umeed Tera Intezar: Divya Bharti In Retrospection

As much as there is glitter and glamour in the world of cinema there is also a dark, noir side to it. Bollywood is not just entertainment but it sustains mysteries in its womb. These unresolved mysteries haunt us till date. One such mystery that has been gnawing on us is the death of yesteryear actress Divya Bharti.

The generation of 90s was well versed with the chirpy diva whose mellow voice made the dialogues seem like a litany. Her simplicity was her beauty. Her naivety was her strength. Her unfortunate accident or a suspected murder had everyone in shock. Death comes after you when you are busy planning your life, they say. This holds true for the actor. She died at a very young age of 19. Her dreams rested in the smiles of her family. And before she committed the alleged suicide she had gone to hunt house for her parents in Bandra. The Tulsi apartment of Versova, Andheri West where she was staying wasn’t owned by Bharti. It was her dream to gift her parents a house of their own. She signed the deal for the house and later that night she left for eternity.

Divya was raw and rich in talent. However, she herself had no knowledge about her popularity. All that Bharti ever aimed to do is work and work hard. Much like the starlets of her age who chose the wrong path and stripped naked to get publicity, Bharti refrained from doing so. Her confidence was in her talent. In an interview when Divya was asked if she’d be willing to expose for a big banner movie, she merely smiled as she replied, “I worked in Vishwatma and I did not expose in that film. It was a big banner movie.”  She was a lady of strong will whose notoriety got better of her.

Divya Bharti’s parents believe that Divya was girl who would always brave the odds. She’d always emerge victorious. She loved frolicking and it is therefore that her death was an accident. On the night of 5th April, 1993 in presence of Designer Neeta Lulla, her husband Dr Shyam Lulla, when Divya had just returned after finalizing the property deal, she is said to have climbed in the balcony of her apartment and from there she slipped and fell on the concrete floor. It is said that apart from the Lulla couple who were present in Bharti’s apartment there was her maid, Amrita, too. Lulla couple was busy watching videos while Bharti instructed her maid to fry some munchies to go with the served alcohol. It isn’t yet clear if Divya had a few pegs before she decided to try out the stunt but many believed that she was in depression and was on drugs. However, her friends and her family refuse to believe the rumour.

Divya’s friends in their testimony say that Divya would often challenge death and would mess around by trying new stunts. Perhaps this time around death decided to give the lady the taste of her own medicine. Divya was prolific that is well-known. But luck too ran alongside her talent. In her debut year, her three films were released in three consecutive weeks. This is by itself is once-in-a-lifetime event in any actors life. And when we speak of luck and actor’s death, her luck seems to have meddled with fate and gotten rundown by it. The night she died she cancelled her trip to Hyderabad and went house hunting with her father and brother, Kunal. Later she received a call asking her to return to her Versova apartment to discuss about her new look before she went to Mauritius to shoot her husband, Sajid Nadiadwala’s, film.

Even in the presence of three people, something possessed Divya that she outrageously climbed her apartment window. Neither the maid nor the Lulla couple was aware that the actor was heading towards death despite being in the same room. Further what shocks us is that the car parking slot below had no cars parked on the night of Bharti’s death. After Bharti slipped from her window she landed on her back. On her way to the hospital, she was alive. However, the internal bleeding and the skull fractures that she had sustained took her life. With her died the reason behind her death engulfing us all in the mysterious aura of her life. Was Divya Bharti’s death an accident, suicide or murder? It still remains a mystery.


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