Hashtags That Define The Celebs Of B-Town: #Part2

Hashtags have started to mean a lot lately. For every activity there has to be a hashtag used. We wonder if the world will turn into hashtag moniker with every name having a hashtaged adjective before and after their names. Well, that’s a far cry but for now we bring you the part two of our popular post where we used the hashtags to define male celebs of Bollywood. Keeping no particular count in mind, we bring you the leading ladies of B-town and what should be the apt hashtag used for them.

Mallika Sherawat


#PretentiouslySexy is one perfect appellation for her. She is pompous in her sex appeal and there is no doubt about it. However, since the pretentions show we call her #PretentiouslySexy.

Malaika Arora Khan


We know she is bold and beautiful but we call her the #HottestMama of B-town. She does her duty as her mother and bids well as a seductress.

Madhuri Dixit


No epithet other than #DhakDhakGirl will suit her well. Why? Because her adas still take our breath away!

Sonakshi Sinha


She is good at putting up the act but she can never get it right when it comes to fashion. It is therefore we chose to call her #MissFashionFauxPas.

Deepika Padukone


She is beautiful as much as she is athletic perhaps that is why she is the #AthleticBeauty of B-town.

Priyanka Chopra


Who other than Aamir Khan has experimented with her looks? It has to be Priyanka Chopra. She has come a long way and earns the moniker of #MissPerfectionist by all means.

Pooja Bedi


She speaks even though she is never asked to. We call her #IGiveAdviceForFree ‘coz may be someday when you happen to bump into her she was leave you jaded with all the unnecessary advices that she gives.

Katrina Kaif


She is been in the industry for long now yet we question her skills. Most of us believe she can’t act. But then this is what she stresses upon time and again, #ICanAct!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


We don’t know when she will make a comeback in Bollywood as she is still busy reveling in the beauty of motherhood so all she is left with now is the badge of being #BachchanBahu.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


She may not have a tattoo saying I Love Saif embossed on her body but she very well endorses her love. It is more like “Buy One Get One Free” offer when it is Saifeena we are  talking about. So we think Kareena should finally go for the hashtag #ILoveSaif if not the tattoo.

Sonam Kapoor


We liked her in Khoobsurat but we still believe that she is the #Fashionista of B-town and it will take a lot of time if she has to do away with that image.

Alia Bhatt


Her jokes were doing the round of social media. Flustered she took the reins in her hand and whipped the gossipers left and right. She is genuine #GeniusOfTheYear.

Have any other celeb on your mind with an appropriate hashtag? Write to us!


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