Haider’s Chutzpah Is A Happening Catchphrase In Social Media Market

Bollywood, amongst many things that it has given us, has also given us ample of catchphrases. Aamir Khan and Salman Khan’s “Haila” and “Ouima” are often heard from passersby. Our fleeting thoughts too endorse the catchphrases like “Kal Ho Na Ho”, “Main Hoon Na” or “Oh Teri”. The newest entrant in the catchphrase market that social media is cashing on is “Chutzpah”

Pronounced as Hutz-pah, this Yiddish word literally means ‘to have galls to do the insolent.’ In the Indian dictionaries, this word is probably going to be defined as “first introduced by Vishal Bhardwaj in film Haider.”

Haider may not have raked enough applause and the equal moolah but it has refined Chutzpah and the world has gone bonkers over it. In the film, Haider takes to street to demonstrate against AFSPA and compares it with Chutzpah. The scene is epic and remains instilled in our memories for long.

Chutzpah is a word that has taken over the social media.


People are incessantly using the word in their comments, pictures to compliment the gallantry of the matters. Many are even sharing their chutzpah stories and the word is going back and forth in the social world.


Chutzpah has also been charged at an online retailer whose Big Billion Day recently backfired.


So what is Chutzpah?


Okay, and when do you know you have a Chutzpah story?


Are there any real world Chutzpah tales?




The world is going gaga over Chutzpah so kya apke pass bhi hai Chutzpah wala tashan? Write to us one of your Chutzpah memories.

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