#KuchKuchHotaHai: 7 Happening Things The Film Left Behind For Its Fans!

16 years ago a sentimental storm left us all sapped. It took us by surprise, emotions and romance. It redefined the romantic and paly spaces. It got us acquainted with the saying, Pyaar Dosti Hai. And then hit upon us, “Oh My Gawd, I am in love with my best friend,” irrespective if he/she belonged to the same gender. We all were madly in love with our best buddy and we all were madly in love with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

In every nook and corner we had one Anjali, one Tina and one Rahul. Rahul would deliberately leave Anjali heartbroken and pamper Tina with unnecessary praises. We all had got the whiff of romance and we all wanted to be showered in love much like the leads of this film. We all were breezed in and we all wanted to get admission in the prestigious St. Xaviers College of Mumbai.

No one would have thought an amateur director could have the ability to come up with something as brilliant as this film. Karan Johar makes no bones that he was technical unsavvy about the technical know-how of filmmaking. Despite this he made what we call a classic in Indian cinema. The film isn’t cinematic brilliance, but it is a charmer and a comforter with quiet engaging performances by the leads. Now that the film enters its 16th year, the filmmakers and artists get nostalgic.

SRK tweets..


KJo also gets teary-eyed…


The world too goes delirious with all sorts of tweets flooding the cyber space.


While the world keeps ranting, we present to you the Hoity-Toity stuff the film left behind for its fans.

Friendship Bands


We didn’t know what friendship day was until this film happened to us. We all became spendthrifts. We purchased truck loads of friendship band and we didn’t have a clue how we’d later dispose them. The general stores were very thankful to this film for increasing the sales of a satin ribbon.



We never knew playing basketball could be so much fun and romance. The entire film seemed like a Basketball saga!



Anjali looked so cool in those funky dungarees that we all, no matter what our size, wanted to fit ourselves in that rucksack to look hip and happening. And yes, we also always teamed our Dungarees with an à la mode cap.

Micromini Midis


Rani Mukherjee in an interview once said that KKHH made her wear her first micromini skirt. Well, till she said it, even we didn’t know such attire existed. But yeah, we all went gaga over that silver ensemble which must have appealed even to the aliens up there.

Hell Loadsa Florescent Colours


Oh My Gawd! The film had whole lot of green and florescent colours. Remember that dress Anjali wears to appease her Mr. Right? It sure had florescent colors imported from all corners of the world!

Trendy Chains Spelling Cool


Yes, these were really cool! We all wanted to sport one irrespective of our gender.

And, of course….

Sana Saeed


This one has to be the most Hoity-Toity stuff the film left behind for its fans. Who knew transitions could be so poised and perfect.

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