Unheard Bollywood Trivia

Intrude and you shall see, ask and you shall be replied, read this and you shall know…that…Bollywood isn’t an industry, it is more than that. So much of glamour, so much of drama, so much of tantrums, it only happens in the B-town. But B-town also homes some very insightful information about its people. It may be their past, their present, their future, whatever. And this information appeases the readers all the more. Keeping this in mind, we bring for you the unheard Bollywood Trivia. The facts that are likely to leave you gaping.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

Kalki Koechlin has done a phenomenal job as an actress but her ancestors too were equally extraordinary. She comes from a lineage where her great great grandfather is said to have been a chief engineer for construction of Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

We all know the great Showman of Bollywood was revered in Russia. But why was he respected so much that’s the question! His looks certainly matched the Russies as we love to call them. However, he was a man who gave them hope and faith in their times of despair. During the war with Germany many Russians had taken the belt beatings. Starvation and death were common phenomena. In these crises when they saw a poor lad Raju suffering greater hardships and still braving the odds, they felt inspired. Raj Kapoor films became a symbol of sanguinity. Such was RK’s influence in Russia that even the senior politicians (President included) were heard humming the tunes of Awara hoon.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

There is a film called Yaadein that started Sunil Dutt. This film only had the veteran actor in the entire 113 minutes film. The film has entered Guinness Book Of World records for accomplishing this inexplicable feat.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

Jayalalithaa has taken South by storm. Her recent arrest has infused a lot of drama in politics. But did you know that this lady could act! Yes, she was a popular Southern Siren who later entered politics. And she has acted in only one Hindi film called Izzat. The film also starred Dharmendra. And in one of the scenes Dharampaji is seen lifting Jayalalithaa.

Bollywood mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Don’t you believe us? Read this….

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

Jagdish Raj who often played a minor role in the supporting cast holds Guinness Book Of World Record for appearing in 144 Hindi films decked up as a cop! Tadaa, we told ya, kuch bhi ho sakta hai.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

When we talk about Hollywood we know where to head to, but when we speak of Bollywood, where will you go exactly? Mumbai? Mehboob Studios? Film city? RK studios? No, there is no specific place which says Bollywood.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia

We say Rajnikanth is God….God is Rajnikanth. We revere this SuperSuperSuper Super se bhi upper Hero for he always does the unthinkable. And to be a mother to the god or even to be his godfather is again unthought of. But one B-town actress could accomplish this feat hands down. And she is Sridevi! Sridevi has played a mother to Rajnikanth in the film Moondru Mudichu which also starred Kamal Hassan.

Unheard Bollywood Trivia


Unheard Bollywood Trivia

Dharma Production, one big shot name from B-town has done two films with same name twice- Agneepath and Dostana. Wasn’t that a eureka moment?

A controversial General who recently retired, General V K Singh has done a cameo in the film Prahar.

Lastly, this one based on the facts and figures.

Bollywood produces commercially viable films and compared to Tamil and Telugu films, it produces less number of films. Here’s the proof!

Unheard Bollywood Trivia


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