Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

If there is no fun in life, it will turn out to be boring. So how do you do away with boredom in your free time? Whack it up and mess around, doodle or scribble or watch movies, perhaps? How about trying a new game. Yes, a completely new game. This one isn’t pervert game which goes on to add a movie name by using the word “cleavage” in it or something like “someone someone ki dhoti mein.” This one is a simple game and we shall only make a few changes to the whole movie name. Change its tagline or add a tagline if it doesn’t have one.

What do we really mean?

Well, it is simple.

We have movies galore with some weird taglines like “Daag-The Fire” or “Swades-We The People”, now, all we have to do it is either modify the tagline or add a tagline if it doesn’t have one.

So let’s get started.

Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

Aashiqui 2

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I


Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

Bang Bang!

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I


Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

Ragini MMS2

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I


Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

Finding Fanny

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

Rang Rasiya

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

O Teri

Bollywood Tagline Game: #Part I

We will soon return with few more such film and the funny taglines, meanwhile you write to us the taglines you think that would have suited these films.


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