Diwali Crackers That B-Town Celebs Can Endorse

Remember the childhood when Diwali vacation was equal fun as summer vacations? Remember how you’d gaily burst the crackers and clap in pleasure. Those days although have passed now and bursting crackers is a passé phenomenon yet the pleasure of seeing the shopkeepers sell crackers is so much fun. More fun when you have Bollywood celebs embossed on the cover of these crackers. So let’s see what crackers this Diwali has to offer.

Katrina Kaif– The phuljhadi

With the kind of subtle acting that she has been doing she is most suitable as the phuljhadi of Bollywood

Deepika Padukone– Lavangi

Following her tryst with the leading dailies she seems to be slightly explosive. So here’s why she is the Lavangi bomb of B-town.

SRK– Sutli Bomb

Sutli bomb is the most explosive bombs. It can deafen your ears. Such is the impact. SRK happens to be s Sutli bomb of B-town. He is #RockSolid and has many layers to his personality. And he can be explosive irrespective of whether it is Wankhede or Wimbledon.

Sunny Leone– Rocket Bomb

She has god gifted ability to raise the temperature. She can indeed sky rocket the room temperature from 0 to 40 degrees. She is therefore suitable as the Rocket from tinsel town which explodes as it reaches the climax.

Sonam Kapoor– Chakari

This one beats around the same bush. She can’t stop ranting about fashion and can never compromise on her Fashionista title.

Shahid Kapoor– Flower Pot Cracker/ Paus

His career graph has many ups and downs, more downs than ups. But the minute he plunges for the sky, he illuminates the world with abundant food for thought.

Abhishek Bachchan– Parachute

Well, we all know how his career reached inimitable heights with Guru but then it soon was attracted by gravity as well. So parachute he is.

Preity Zinta– Twinkling Star

Preity is chirpy and bubbly much like the twinkling star but alas her career too is as long as this 45 cm cracker.

Salman Khan– Colour Thunderbolt

He shoots out and turns the sky in the hues that suit his whims. And guess what? The world has no qualms about it.

Alia Bhatt– Shooting Star

Only few films old, this sweet li’l girl from Sangharsh, is one star who can be a competition to the leading ladies of B-town in coming years. She is our shooting star!

Farhan Akhtar– Multicolour candle

He has many shades to his personality. He is a storehouse of talent we can say. His each talent is beautiful, unique and impressive. He is therefore our Multicolour candle.

If you have any more stars on your mind that can suit for being the brand ambassador of a particular cracker write to us in comments below. Meanwhile, our Lavangi, Sutli bomb and Parachute are coming to the theaters near you with their upcoming film Happy New Year. All we can say is hit the theaters and have a blast.

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