Must Watch: Highway Girl Alia Bhatt Does It Again, Stands Up For Women Safety

A woman getting raped isn’t hilarious. People blaming the victim isn’t justified. Skimpy clothes isn’t a strong enough reason to take away an innocent’s chastity. Being friends with opposite gender isn’t crime. But many under the pretence of these ridiculous notions justify rape. How could you?

The following image clearly states what we are trying to debate.

Must Watch: Alia Bhatt Does It Again But Mocks At Man-Kind With This Video

It is a shame that we need a debate on this matter when it is clear who is the real culprit here.  In an insane world where politics too runs high when dealing with a rape case, we ought to protect our girls. But who is to listen? No one!

However, our cinestars come forward and wheeze out messages that only ask- R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

With this video Alia Bhatt indeed proves that she is Genius Of The Year.

Every aspect of this short film, which is a venture by Vogue to empower women, speaks of the likely situation when a lonely girl on the streets can become a prey to the lousy ruffians. This short film is highly captivating and there are times when the tiny voice in your mind screams, “No, don’t get outta your car,” or “Don’t go with them.”

Take a look.

But the turn of events only leaves you dazed. Does it not? And dazed because you don’t know if this will ever happen in real life. What we see is on reel. What we should do is turn it into real. Let’s make this happen.

#EmpowerWomen. Let them #LiveLongAndProsper.

Take an initiative to change the society.

Don’t ask her to change, ask him to behave!

Make “Going Home” possible for her. Make this Utopia possible.

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