#GovindaOnTwitter: Yesteryears Actor Turns To Twitter For Kill Dil Promotions

Social media and social media junkies are two catchphrases running wild these days. And the world is cashing on them. Movies especially, find Twitter, Google hangout and Facebook as the best medium to promote their films. Recently, yesteryears effervescent actor Govinda came on air, well not literally, i.e. on twitter to chat and have fun with his fans.

While most of the times he was seen dodging the questions, he was belligerent to answer some in his unique style. This soft spoken actor may have chosen to overlook your questions but it was his first ever social interview of the sprightly star that took place on twitter.

Our reporter too participated in this social interview, presenting the excerpts from the online chat.

What was the craziest thing that the team of Kill Dil did during shooting?

Govinda: We used to light a bonfire in the evenings and Ranveer would put up acts from all my films. It was fun!

Who has been your inspiration in life?

Govinda: Adarniya Dilip Sahab ji


What has been your funda in life?

Govinda: Be natural

How was your experience working with Ranveer Singh?

Govinda: He is natural and he is himself.

What is entertainment according to you?

Govinda: Entertainment is that which goes beyond comedy. Do whatever kind of role you wish but all those should keep your audience happy.

When will we see Govinda’s account on twitter?

Govinda: Very soon.

Which is your favourite scene from the film?

Govinda: In one particular scene I mess up the chess game, that one is my favourite.

Since the actor was seen evading the questions or giving irrelevant answers we choose to refine the questions and answers before presenting the interview in a nutshell.

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