Best Of Both Worlds: 10 Horror Films For Halloween

This 31st October, it isn’t going to be just 31st of October, it is that time of the year when the spirits will loom the lengths and breadths of the globe. Some might tap you on your back, some might spook you by their dare devilry and some might just ring your doorbell and ask for trick or treat. How would you face them, then?

No worries, here is the dose for your Halloween this year.

10 Horror Films for Halloween.

5 chosen ones from Hollywood.

Final Destination Series

What’s scarier than an eye popping out and turning into pulp? What’s scarier than a human head getting chopped off in two? What’s scarier than death stalking you even in the safest haven?

If you have the courage to watch this….

The Saw Series

This torture porn, as it is fondly known, is a perfect dose for Halloween. Choose to watch the entire film franchise or be satisfied with just one flick, your pick.

Jigsaw’s traps get scarier with each new installment.

The Hill Have Eyes

Deformed human when turn out to be nightmare, life is at its spookiest! This is exactly the premise of the film. And we are sure you will wince when those human zombie pluck the head of the parrot and gaily drink the blood. Sounds gross? Watch it.

The Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

A slasher horror flick that will take you down with a mere nightmare.The thought of sleeping will haunt you and you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between reality and dream.

Creepy much?

The Conjuring

What if you too find a haunted doll in your house that creeps you out with simple clap!

Rated 7.5 on IMDB, this is certainly one for your Halloween.

5 chosen ones from Bollywood

Bandh Darwaza

10 Horror Films For Halloween

Bollywood too has its own, yes, very own Dracula. Ramsays’ called him Neola. Neola’s henchmen would lure the ladies to Neola’s coffin and instill a possessed soul that would cause a havoc.


10 Horror Films For Halloween

It is not just haunted house that Mini and her family move into, they call for a treacherous spirit who plays around with the lives of people before being wiped out of the house.


10 Horror Films For Halloween

A spirit has possessed a body and continuously rapes it, sounds bloodcurdling, well, it is that and it is accompanied by a terrific performance by Tabu.

Horror Story

What happens when you and your friends are stranded in a haunted hotel which has spine-chilling history?


Every fullmoon when your spouse turns into a tiger and looms the city killing people crossing his path, is a premise terrific enough and sure to give one creeps.


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