14 Series From 90s We Miss

Do you too miss 90s? A trifle? Do you? Do you miss the days when cartoons were an indispensible part of our lives and the series were usually in black and white? Ahh…those were the days! The glorifying, colorful, psychedelic days of 90s, where the content on television wasn’t raucous. Rather it had much, too much meaning. Be it the Vicki from Small Wonder or Dennis from Dennis The Menace, all were so much fun to be around. The five’o clock slot that was allotted to Disney hour was one priceless time of our lives. We were devoted Disney fans, still are. But of course, Suite Life of Zack and Cody doesn’t give us as much pleasure as the DuckTales did.

So this post is for 90s. The beautiful, charming, 90s.

Here’s the best of 90s we miss.

Small Wonder

14 Series From 90s We Miss

It was indeed wonderful to see a human robo pull off stunts that she did. We always considered the l’il girl to be robo but she was a human putting up a human robo act! And she entertained us for years.

Denise The Menace

14 Series From 90s We Miss

This child was awful yet awfully cute. His troubled neighbors were only more entertainment for us.


14 Series From 90s We Miss

Uncle Scrooge and his massive wealth, what a concept! Didn’t you too wish to take a dip in that Scrooge treasure. And Scrooge ke Bhatije, they were equal fun!

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears

14 Series From 90s We Miss

A Gummy Bear family who often had some unresolved issues amongst themselves yet adventures brought them together, isn’t that a lesson for life?

Dekh Bhai Dekh

14 Series From 90s We Miss

This was a mad family, the Diwan family, which gave us numerous memories. We still remember the tongue twister of Sameer Diwan, the beauty tips from Suhasini Diwan and the forgetfulness of Balraj Diwan. Even Kareema was a lead in this one.

Dexter’s Laboratory

14 Series From 90s We Miss

Siblings can be annoying, especially, if you are that smart kiddo on the block who plays around with SO42 and H3PO4. Didn’t get these formulas? In fact, even we never got what Dexter was up to but he was that adorable younger bro we would have loved to trouble!

Hum Paanch

14 Series From 90s We Miss

A yet another mad family which batted with humor and won accolades from all over! Anand Mathur and his gang of five, his daughters created an uproar everywhere and everytime. Meenakshi, Radhika, Sweety, Kajal, Chhoti, you remember them all and you miss them too, now, don’t you?

Hip Hip Hurray

14 Series From 90s We Miss

After watching this serial we always wished to be a part of that gang of friends from DeNobili High. In fact, we never actually forgot the name of that school. This bunch of friends ganged up and how. The season 2 of this serial though fizzled out but it created history.

Malgudi Days

14 Series From 90s We Miss

The sweet tales from utopia where all’s well that ends well. The happy endings and the endurance of the common man was something we loved about this serial. Its simplicity was unimaginable.

I Dream Of Jeannie

14 Series From 90s We Miss

It was a series that came from the kitty of a phenomenal author, Sidney Sheldon. And as goes his fame, the series too went the same way. It escalated the popularity graph and left us wondering, are Jeannies for real?

Legends Of The Hidden Temple

14 Series From 90s We Miss

This game show beats every other game show that’s now running on the Indian Tube. Why? Man you gotta feel it. It would get your adrenaline pumping. There were nail biting moments in this one and it was eually educative.


14 Series From 90s We Miss

A group of toddlers and their adventures which is a brainchild of Angelica’s imagination was a fun series to watch. Especially, the Hindi dub has the ability to pull off a laugh from you even now.

That’s So Raven

14 Series From 90s We Miss

Eh Uh the psychic chick and the girl next door, Raven. Her psychic abilities led to beyond belief adventures and she often got her premonitions wrong!


14 Series From 90s We Miss

Wilmaaaa!, Yabba Dabba Doo, Dinoooo, rings a bell, does it not? The story of the stoneage man with his creative stoneage inventions could put the modern man in shame!

Any other series on your mind? Write to us in comments below.


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