10 Amusingly Creative Vine Videos

It’s all about videos and images that has caught on with the world. Instagram and Vine are the trending topics. Twitter has become a conversational medium and Facebook is just a passé. It might take helluva time to crack the media but sooner or later you shall sail through and may come out victorious. If you look at it, most Vine videos can be similar to the .gif images but here we get a better bandwidth to portray our art and creativity. It is therefore important for every brand to row themselves strong on the above mentioned mediums, especially Vine.

Speaking of Vines, here are some from FridayMoviez. Hope you find them amusing.

This girl’s got Superpower…

Caution: No sleeping in the office ‘cause someone’s watching you.

Nothing can get “Quicker” than this…

Jump irksome queues and fly to Bangalore in a jiffy.

Swapping positions was never so swift…and..er..surprising.

The magic hand shall come and take you away…

This is exactly how you too should wear shoes.

Wanna know a trick that’d help switch from Gandhi to Franklin?

Spooky, when you actually get a helping hand outta nowhere!

Is this how fast you can drive?

If you liked our videos, follow our account FridayMoviez.

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