Eff & Bedi: Have You Seen It Yet?

We choose to make a difference with this post because the world has been acting differently. We say so for we see it. Yes, the world is changing with the changing times and adapting itself to new technologies. Bollywood too is seen diversifying in this aspect. By saying so we don’t mean Bollywood crowding twitter but we speak about the literal difference, the one which comes with the kind of content that’s put across. And in this matter we ought to appreciate Pooja Bedi for coming up with a wonderful idea of starting a reality series called Eff & Bedi on YouTube.

Only three episodes old, this series has been creating a buzz amongst the social media junkies. It is bringing us closer to reality and how the world has changed. A daughter speaking up so gaily about relationships with her mother or discussing money matter, isn’t that something?

Eff & Bedi


Another thing what we appreciate about this series is the way it has launched Bedi’s daughter. Just look at it! Bollywood has a tradition of launching the star kids through movies. But this is incredible. And with this series Aalia Eff comes across as a matured teenager who gets talking about her mother’s boyfriends. We are sure you’d want to watch it for the sake of mollifying your curiosity if not for entertainment. But the way the video is created and the content initiated you are sure to be hooked to it till the very end.

World has known Pooja Bedi for long now, but this series clearly states that it is Aalia’s time and looks like she is here to stay, this Beauty with Brains.

We appreciate Pooja for having taken the risk of starting a series on YouTube such as this but we are sure it’s soon gone be a huge success. Oodles of wishes to both of you, “Eff & Bedi.”

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