Expressive, Enthusiastic, Talented, Bubbly, Chirpy Parineeti Chopra: A Rare Gem Of Film Industry

Lot has been spoken about her and her choice of films. She has donned the bold and beautiful avatar but has also been criticized by the fashion police. However, Parineeti Chopra has always stood out as an actor par excellence. And lately her style statement too has been earning accolades from the fashionistas themselves. Because she is often bold and courageous we adore her. So here’s why we love Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti is bold enough to call a spade a spade. She has had a row with the media for varied reason but every time right was on her side.

Parineeti when stands up for a cause, she knows what she is doing. And she wants everyone to be aware about it. She’d scold you for not having done an appropriate background research before talking to her. In the following video Parineeti scolds a male journalist for not having enough knowledge about menstrual cycles.

She is a feminist. And she is gallant. Amongst the Badshah’s, Shehanshah’s and Khan’s of the industry, she emerges are the only angry young woman whose voice can never be suppressed or allured by any marketing gimmick.

She is a foodie, she agrees. She may be curvaceous but she is proud of herself and her body.

Appellation such as, “Bubbly, is something that concerns her. She rightfully lashes out at the negligent journalists who call her “bubbly” without her approval.

There may be a rat race in film industry and amongst the actresses but Parineeti looks at it as a healthy competition. She not only appears on Koffee with Karan with her competitor and once detractor Alia Bhatt but she also supports her in the AIB released Genius Of The Year video. Time and again she also appreciates her costars for their bold stance against chauvinist world.

Why We Love Parineeti Chopra?

In Bollywood’s make-a-believe world there is nothing fake about this woman. She can interact with you as if she were your long-lost friend. It is often a delight to chat with her.

Parineeti Chopra is a rare gem bestowed on the industry; she is expressive, enthusiastic, talented, bubbly chirpy and a lovable human being.

And to shut the trap of Fashion Police, take a look at Parineeti Chopra at her classy best.

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