You Ought To Have A Look John Abraham’s Villa In The Sky

The thing is every girl, discreetly or indiscreetly has a thing for the hulk of Bollywood, John Abraham. We all admire his looks and many of us day dream on being on a date with him. He has the charm that is simply alluring and he retains it without much ado. Recently, this Prince bought for himself a royal mansion, a penthouse in the City Of Gold, Mumbai. Many were dying for a glimpse of his new mansion, so we thought of putting up a post to satiate your curiosity.

John Abraham’s “Villa In The Sky” is minimalistic, architectural and suitable to the landscape. The pool on the terrace gives a breathtaking view of the sea. The penthouse sits between the Arabian sea on the west and Mount Mary hill on its east. To give you the specifications of this house, the sea is visible from all the rooms of the house, The villas adheres to vastu and is very much in connect with the nature. It is a contemporary design that suits the metropolitan culture.

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With its tropical seaside context, recycled tiles, natural fabrics, automated mood lighting, evergreen terraces, natural ventilation etc. this house happens to be a dream home for every aspiring and ambitious person from the metropolitan.


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