Bollywood Art Project Brings Bollywood Alive

There are people like you and me who love Bollywood. We collect mementos, crash into the shooting locations, pester our favourite stars with number of questions, request them for a pic with us and watch our favourite film over and over till it gets thoroughly revised. Our love for Bollywood knows bounds. We simply love it and go on loving it till the time someone comes and taps us on the shoulder to show us something more beautiful than our love for cinema. Our love doesn’t diminish; it only increases with what we see. By saying so we refer to Bollywood Art Project an initiative, a unique initiative, which is started by a Bollywood movie buff, Ranjit Dahiya.

Ranjit Dahiya has literally painted the town ever since he saw that Mumbai lacked the Bollywood charm it so boasts of.  Thereafter, he began painting the walls of houses to turn them into memoirs of yesteryear actors and cult classics. He even went on to put up an exhibition displaying the portraits of the actors and cult classics; he called it “Filmnagari Ka Safar”. This exhibition was an ode to Hindi cinema and celebration of 100 years of Hindi cinema.

The first ever mural made by B.A.P was of Anarkali. The project has had immense impact on the Bollywood lovers around the world. So much that B.A.P as a cover story has not only made headlines on the pages of Indian National Dailies but was also featured by the likes of The Tribune and The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Project was the source of inspiration for Dahiya. Under the The Wall Project the droning walls of the city were brought to life with the meaningful graffiti painting. Although Dahiya had learnt the art in a small village of Sonipat after he was suspended from school for misbehavior, he never realized that white washing houses and coloring them could come in handy sometime in future. After Dahiya painted a goddess on a school wall, he realized his potential and soon started taking his art to painting trucks, storefronts etc. Dahiya later started painting posters for the movies.

Each mural that he paints, costs him anywhere between 30,000 to 40,000 rupees. It gets completed within 10 days or so; but it is often difficult to convince the owners to lend their house wall for painting the murals. Despite this he is positive, he looks at every wall in the city of dreams as a “potential wall” for his murals.

Take a look at what B.A.P has been up to till now. We are sure after watching this; you too would be willing to call in B.A.P to paint your house walls with Bollywood graffiti.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ranjit along with four other professionals and movie fanatics has undertaken the responsibility to bring a Bollywood flavor to the country. The Wikipedia for B.A.P reads that the group aims to get Bollywood an iconic appeal by instating a Hollywood like Bollywood sign. Their meticulous attitude and assiduous dedication will soon bring this aim to realization, we are sure. Meanwhile we only hope to see more such murals adoring the walls of the filmnagari, Mumbai.


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