Top 6 Viral Videos For The Month Of November

It is the world of World Wide Web where we all are intricately connected to one another. We might not know each other but we sure bump into one another through chats and claim it to be our social life. So be it. However, there is a lot more to this social life than mere chats and tweets. There is whole lot of world to be explored. The stuff that goes viral, the one that gets whole lotta shares, that stuff, carries potential, enough that we involuntarily share it with our “social” circle. Since there happen to be many such viral videos, we zeroed down on top 6 viral videos for month of November.

We might carry forward this article with other viral videos that shall come out later this month, however, here is the round up for this month.

Salt ‘N’ Pepper

This short film starring Tejaswini Kolhapure and Nawazuddin Siddiqui speaks volumes in just 14 minutes! It is an inspiring story with stellar performances given by the leads. Have a look.

Bas Bajna Chahiye

This is a new solo composed and produced by Amit Trivedi brightens up our day with the sprightly video and lyrics. It speaks for our love of music and music addiction.

Bollywood Dubstep- Amrish Puri

Perhaps like an ode to the legendary villain? ‘Coz he was the most dreaded villain of our era, this dubstep’s dedicated to him.

Plenty Wrong With Dhoom 3 In 8 Minutes Or So

Dhoom 3 might have proved its prowess at the Box Office but it simply let loose those definitive errors. And the result is this…

And when these mistakes weren’t enough, to satiate our curiosity, the video makers came up with…

Plenty Wrong With Chennai Express In 8 Minutes Or Less

Barely Speaking With Arnub-E02

With the first episode that starred SRK going viral, Arnub left quiet an impact on the audience. Keeping that in mind, they came up with the second episode of the series and that too has gone viral.

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