All You Need To Know About Arpita Khan’s Wedding

The B-town for a few days has hushed its pace and has busied itself with the wedding ceremony of Superstar Salman Khan’s dear sister Arpita. The world, especially the media, is going gaga about it. There are hundreds of rumors floating in the atmosphere about this whole affair. But while the world is at it, we give you a quick recap of the news that have surfaced in the past few hours/days related to Arpita’s wedding. And all the jazz that’s hooked to the event.

The wedding invite was the first to create the buzz in the media and mainstream Bollywood. The picture of the wedding invite shows how intricately it is designed to suit the regal taste. It flaunts floral and shimmering embossing of gold. The wedding card had a box of cupcakes accompanying it to appease the invitees.

Arpita Khan’s Wedding

The wedding is gonna be an extravagant affair with an entire palace booked by the Khan-daan. Here’s a glimpse of the much talked about Falaknuma Palace.

Arpita Khan’s Wedding

This happens to be a scenario from yesterday. The preparations are in full swing for the two day festivities- wedding would be today, i.e.18th November, followed with a farewell lunch on the 19th.  This picture has been floating the in social media for a while now.

The dinner for the guests is said to be arranged in a historic “101 Dining Hall.” And the bride and the groom will be escorted in a chariot by 50 soldiers accompanied by the beats of drums. The guests also will be escorted on horses, it is said and around 600 bouncers have been hired to control the masses.

To add more glamour to this pompous affair, the Khan brothers are gonna do a jig. Other celebs from Bollywood too will shake their leg it seems.

While the Khan family has left for Hyderabad just last evening, around 250 families from Bollywood are expected to be present for the wedding.

Arpita Khan’s Wedding

All the eminent names from the industry- Amitabh Bachchan, the Khans, the Kapoors- are expected to be at the wedding.This calculation is minus the politicians that are expected to come.

Amongst the many guests and V.V.I.P who are invited for the wedding, our PMO Narendra Modi happens to be one. And considering that Salman is ardently lending his support to all the Modi causes (even before Modi became our PMO), Modi ji is sure to come.

Even though the wedding is to take place in Hyderabad, Khan’s have left no stones unturned to announce this opulent affair. The Galaxy Apartment where Khan’s reside has been shimmering in the strings of light. It has seen for itself the much plush haldi ceremony, followed with mehendi rasam and sangeet ceremony.

Arpita Khan’s Wedding

What the world and media couldn’t do, Arpita has single-handedly done. The invincible feat was achieved when Arpita’s wedding brought the two feuding Khan’s together.

Arpita Khan’s Wedding

They not only shared their love for the L’il girl but have been showering her with luxurious gifts. Speaking of the gifts, you ought to have a look at this, SRK AND SALMAN SHOWER ARPITA WITH GIFTS.

Now coming to the leads of this event, the bride and the groom.

Arpita Khan’s Wedding

The world knows that Arpita is Salim Khan’s adopted daughter and the youngest of the five. She is a design and architecture professional who aspires to launch her fashion label someday. The groom, Aayush Sharma, on the other hand happens to be the son of a politician Anil Sharma. He is aspring to make it big in Bollywood but plans to return to his family business if his attempts turn unfruitful.

The Khan family is all prepped up for the wedding which will take place today in Hyderabad.

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