18 Inane Requests Flung At Celebs On Twitter

We all should be thankful to the social media that it has got us way closer to our favorite celebs. Be it from any field, it is with a mere tweet that we get to connect with our favorite stars. The world is so starstruck that there are ample of fan clubs from around the world. These clubs tap on to the news of their celebs every minute. All we can say about it is that, life is good only ‘coz of twitter.

But in this social media ki ajib duniya, there are celebs who will courteously reply back to your tweets, Anupam Kher, Neha Dhupia do. But there are those who will turn a blind eye to your request. But hey! Why shouldn’t they these requests are utterly inane. They leave you dumbfounded let alone the stars.

Take a look at the 18 Inane requests flung at celebs on twitter.

Fawad Khan‘s fan misses him so much that despite being unaware if he is or isn’t in India, he tweets this….


A desperate Farah Khan fan stalks her on @avigowariker‘s tweets and wants her to read the script…uske pyar ki story! And he is so gracious that he has left only the climax to be directed by Farah, rest all is done kya fan ji?


Deepika, you hurt this fan’s feeling by wishing the Kill/Dil folks…now do they act the same with you? Look how much Django ji cares about you…Deepu!


Anushka Sharma‘s fan just wants one retweet, that’s all…but he will keep pestering her for that, begging and pleading. Anushka, ab kar bhi do RT. 😛


Aww that is so sweet! @deepikapadukone we think you should just reply him something…err….anything..


Now this is smartness…

@AnupamPkher was asked to give a sweet reply to a tweet and this is what he replied!


#ROFL ho gaya ji…

We are sure Aamir Khan was never expecting Viktor to be Vicky Sharma and neither was he expecting this fan to get emotional about it (Read the second last tweet.) Now the only question is, do you miss him @aamir_khan?


There are fans who want Deepika to tweet them…now what does that really mean? And there are those fans who’d thank her for no reason at all!  This calls for *slow claps*


Ranveer‘s hotness is thus proven. But looking at tweets like these, we don’t really need a daily jokes pack to entertain us. Gee, these tweets are hilarious enough!


We are really eager to know if Priyanka wished Miss Iftu or no? Only so that we too can send out such requests from our personal twitter account 😛


Ahhaa…now, that’s what we call hunger pangs taking a bite out of you…but then @ParineetiChopra what was it really, pepperoni or tomato? #LMAO


These requests are a regular, aren’t they just! But ek twitter hug (and a match between you and @SrBachchan) toh bantai boss…;-)


@juniorbachchan why don’t you just tweet away an “xoxo”, aap bhi khush, aapke fans bhi khush 😀

Hahahahahahahahaha….hahahahahahaha….look we can’t stop laughing… Why? ‘Coz dude, what’s assignments gotta do with the game?


Oh My Gawd! We found @juniorbachchan‘s bachpan ka friend! They call him Captain…How are you captain?


Now @iamsrk, plzzzzzzz make a hot selfie.. we’d like it baked and piping, sprinkled with some caster sugar, you see?


One more hug request but the tweet below that is hilarious…Man, you simply gotta have galls to say something like that!


Marriage proposals made easy. These are minus the generic matrimonial ads in newspapers


This one is a hitchhiker’s soul…Take us with you @NargisFakhri! Plzzzzz take us….

Inane tweets flung at celebs

While this post is absolute sarcasm and we harbour no hard feels for anyone, what inspired us to write this post is the recent #SidSessions series that went viral which in fact was inspired by Jimmy Kimmel‘s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. Despite our celebs aversion to reply to such tweets we love reading’em, now, don’t you too?

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