#Leaked: Arpita Khan’s Wedding Videos Shows Salman And Aamir Dancing To Jumme Ki Raat And Much More..

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s wedding, as we all know was a big fanfare. It had the eminent from the industry gracing the show. Many frolicked, clicked selfies and shared the same on the social networking sites. Now, while we know and have seen these pics, there were more candid moments that we missed out. These were the liveliest of the lot and someone had to leak the video ‘coz afterall it is Salman Khan we are talking about. The wedding may have been kept away from the paparazzi cameras yet we found this because nothing can go unseen when Salman Khan is in question. Now that might sound like a repeat and a tad exhilarating yet Salman is Salman is Salman, there’s no denying that fact. And which is why even Mika Singh was damn excited to sing Jumme Ki Raat. Please note Salman’s drunk uncle trying to ape the moves. Varun and Aamir too shake their booty to the song. Here’s another from the much talked about wedding where Salman slyly addressed Katrina Kaif as Katrina Kapoor. This news that became viral has now a video to vouch for it. Write to us what you think about the controversies this wedding has evoked.

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