These 9 Rules Will Help You To Get Into The Controversial Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss is perhaps the most controversial reality TV shows ever. Although it is said to be scripted yet it not only entertains us but provides us with enough gossip fodder to sustain our lives for weeks and months put together. Every day brings fresh gossips and therefore gossip mongers love this show. Those of you who haven’t watched this show should be felicitated and those of you who love this show should be given bravery award, is what we feel. Having said that, we also believe that this show gives away impeccable life lessons, not that we are gonna discuss them but this show displays the appropriate moral code of conduct one ought to follow. Now that’s enough said lest you do not know what we mean!

Coming back to the show, it is one heck of a show on Indian telly. And it also has heck of rules set. So before you plan to enter the Bigg Boss house read the rules carefully.


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

You may or may not be criminal in your real life but Bigg Boss wants you to disclose all the criminal records you have had in the past. It doesn’t matter if the record says that you had stolen a pencil of your bench partner in LKG class, but you ought to keep no secrets about it from Bigg Boss.



Don’t BYOB says Bigg Boss. No, it isn’t any mantra but it reads Do not Bring Your Own Bible. No books will be allowed in Bigg Boss house, not even your diaries or your love letter or suicide letters or the unpaid laundry bills of your ever so stinking pajamas. Nothing. Not a thing!


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

This is not just a game show, it a life ruin show. Yes, it is. If you have had a flop career or you wanna foray in Bollywood, you enter the Bigg Boss House. And later, ruined to the core when you wish to leave, you ought to pay the hafta to the show makers. Yes, you may leave as it pleases you but boss, hafta deke jana…50 lakhs sounds cool, doesn’t it?


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

The next rule is quiet simple, although initially (if you are not a celeb) you will feel l’il odd to do these moves but practice makes one perfect. And so you too shall be able to ape Robert Vadra’s act of shying away from the media (read: shooing away the media.) In plain words, DO NOT TALK TO PAPPARAZZI. (PS: This move will also ensure that your celebrity quotient is upped a notch.)


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

Some of us who believe that the contestants of the game show have a say in the editing, we are wrong. Now what goes on behind the curtains one cannot unfurl that but what it shown is this that the contestants can do no unglibazi or kidapanti or no favoritism is shown when it comes to final cutting and editing of the episodes.

(Thank God for this rule or else we all would have thought of Dolly Bindra to be an utterly soft spoken lady.)


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

You, that is, if you decide to enter the penultimate dungeon, you will have to give up on your privacy ‘coz the Bigg Boss will be watching you 24/7. And you will have to be available to Bigg Boss for all 117 days for the shoot of the show.


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

Now, after adhering to all these rules if you happen to survive in the Bigg Boss House for more than two weeks, you shall be eligible to receive a weekly wage. Does this sound like an increment in your salary post completion of probation period? Yes, it does!


9 Rules of Bigg Boss house

Okay, now, if you have readied yourself to be the next Bigg Boss contestant then you ought to know this rule also, which says, no groupism! If you know that your office peon and your boss is also entering the house, you are not supposed to hatch the plans against your boss with your peon before entering the house.


Lastly (just to allure you) every contestant, despite all these rules, is paid handsomely. Does 8 lakh sound handsome to you too? :-O 😛 😉

Now stop drooling and get back to the pending work….. #justsaying

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