Decoding Fashion: A Psychedelic, Rugged, Rogue Fashion Fête Of Ranveer Singh

If you ask us who is the current favorite divo of B-town then we’d say that it has to be Ranveer Singh! By giving hits after hits and becoming the next Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood he has proved his prowess. From the shy and innocent Delhiite boy of Band Baaja Baaraat, he has come a long way and donned the sexy, rugged and rogue avatar. He isn’t the boy-next-door but a good looking and an utterly charming rascal! He has gone bold and bootilicious with his daring condom ad. And what’s more he doesn’t mind being a sex symbol.

While this man is a “hotbed” for controversies, he is also experimental with his style. Singh is audacious when it comes to throwing on some bizarre outfits and yet looks spunky decked up in such ensembles. His fashion is in fact often out of the world. There is always something new coming from Ranveer Singh. And we believe that his idiosyncratic and infectious personality, his vibrant tastes, his energetic stance and his you-only-live-once attitude are the reasons why he isn’t attacked by the fashion police yet. He is kitschy and modish when it comes to sporting the psychedelic fashion.

But despite being a bit of fashion weirdo he charms us nonetheless and here’s what he often does.

Beanie caps

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

Ranveer is often spotted sporting a beanie cap and he throws it on the most casual look.

Fedora Hats

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

He loves fedora hats. It not only goes well with the casuals but looks cool on the formals too.

Specs and accessories

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

He likes to keep it simple when it comes to the accessories; a chain does just fine for him. However, for Kill Dil promotions he was seen wearing the German bike gear. And most often he is spotted wearing specs that give him a perfect geeky look.

Jackets & Hoodies

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

Be it leather jackets or hoodies, he loves them all. And he doesn’t mind trying them in prints.


Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

He has tried on suits in various styles, a velvet tuxedo, floral Louis Vuitton and even a gold brocade suit matched with flashy shoes.

Jodhpuri Suits

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

This is his yet another favorite outfit. He is often seen oozing out the royal charm when decked up in one of the Jodhpuri attires.


Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

No B-town star will come out in open wearing a Ganji unless it is Salman Khan we are referring to. But Ranveer Singh has time and again appeared in Ganji which was matched with washed out denims.

Vibrant Prints

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

Ranveer has decked up in floral suits but he is also uber cool with prints, they simply match his sprightly spirits.

Coloured Jeans

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

This was a fad during Govinda’s era but Ranveer has brought back the trend and how. He is so confident about being a trend setter that he says “I will start a trend of neon suits.”

White Sneakers

Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion

Ranveer is said to be too obsessed about his white sneakers, spotless white is what he makes sure they always are!


Decoding Ranveer Singh's Fahion


While most of the time he is seen wearing boots or sneakers, he makes a difference by teaming a harem pant or even an Ermenegildo Zegna!

These looks not only make him highly addictive and desirable but he is the charmer your mother warned you about.

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