Top 10 Hauntingly Beautiful Songs

That day when it is just not a bad hair day but totally a bland day for you, music happens to be your sole solace. The warmth and solidarity that you receive from mere music is absolutely soothing. It relieves you from stress and helps you retain your composure. These songs have beats that are so hauntingly beautiful that you could listen to them over and over again. They give you a thrill as much as they calm your nerve.

Yesteryears was made beautiful by few such songs and there are more coming from the current music sensations. So just for those gloomy days, here are the Top 10 Hauntingly Beautiful Songs.

Tu Mile Dil Khile- Criminal

This song is a teaser to the devastation that’d take place later. As much as the love that it gives you it leaves you weeping when it is shattered next minute. The minute you hear this song, series of images pop up in your mind, if you happen to have seen the film, that is.

Yeh Haseen Vadiyaan- Roja

One-of-its-kind film and perhaps the first, which is still etched in our memories, not only because it was Mani Ratnam’s venture but a political-romance drama which tackled the issue of terrorist infiltration very subtly. It won three national awards and international acclaim. But it has won our appreciation particularly for this mesmerizing song. Again this song was a teaser to the desertion that was to take place later.

Tu He Re- Bombay

One more of Mani Ratnam’s venture which targeted the human relationship amidst religious clashes. It triggered controversies, alright. But it also evoked innumerable emotions. If you do not happen to cry when you watch this film then you probably are extra-terrestrial. This song is just a trailer of what magnificence will follow later.  The slow beats gnaw on you and the longing of the lovers only escalates these emotions.

Main Dil Se Kaha- Rog

Many might have not seen this film which stars Irrfan Khan yet listening to this song gives you creeps enough that you put this song on a repeat mode. One need not watch the video play, however, if you must than you see the wonderfully dazed look that the actor pulls on. There is something very intriguing about this song and it is equally alluring.

Koi Faryad – Tum Bin

The foremost appealing factor of this song is ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh’s melodious voice. It just sinks in you and arouses myriad of emotions. The lyrics sustains a beautiful relationship between the song and the listener.

O Saathi Re- Omkara

This soulful melody by Shreya Ghoshal and Vishal Bhardwaj gives a depth to the lovemaking and the unrequited feelings of Indu Tyagi (Konkana Sen Sharma). The song consummates love, passion and emotions with a surreal music.

Alvida- D-Day

Alvida is the most soul-shattering video with enough blood and gore yet the song unfurls your sentiments and leaves you speechless. The ruthlessness of the murderer mingles with the coldness of the lyrics and soundness of the beats.

Ek Ghadi Aur- D-Day

Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice gives intensity to the song with the actors bringing out the feelings adeptly. Classical music matching to the unsung sighs of the actors makes it a song for your gloomy days.

Sooha Saaha- Highway

There is not one reason why you wouldn’t like this song. A lullaby which encapsulates the raw emotions of juvenile, innocent deprived, adults reaches out to the listeners and embraces them. The memories of childhood come flooding in and we cherish them with glee and sighs.

Gulon Mein Rang Bhare- Haider

Mohit Chauhan reprised ghazal of Mehdi Hassan leaves you numb thinking of the calloused and ruffled life of Kashmiris. What’s more amusing is that the ghost of this song lurks throughout the film giving it a scary feel.


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