#SidSessions Is Sid Mallya’s Innovative Line Of Attack

They say web series are next big thing in the world of wide web. True that! And we too have already written about one such series that is been receiving a positive response from the viewers. However, this one that we feature next dashes every other concept and glides into the hit zone effortlessly. This series is in your face and it is hilarious. Before this we never knew that Siddharth Mallya can be at wits end dealing with the twitteratis who put out the most inane tweets. However, it is not just about tweets, social media junkies stalk Sid with their wacky comments on facebook as well. Actually they are all over the place. Perhaps that is why our hunky-dory Sid decided to flag off a web-series called #SidSessions that’d deal with his adversaries.

With this series we got to see not only the bold side of Sid but how wittily humorous he can be. However, this innovative idea wasn’t any eureka moment for Sid, it just happened. In an interview to a leading website, Sid said, “I initially made it as a one off video for my friends because I was bored one day. They always ask me how I deal with the mean messages that I get on social media so I thought I’d make a video to show them! Because of the immense feedback that I received, I decided to make it into a series”

Just three episodes old, this one is from Sid Mallya’s 7STORM MEDIA. Speaking about his new venture into productions Sid said, “Web based content has always appealed to me as it is an efficient way to reach your audience. I have launched 7STORM MEDIA as a vehicle to create original and interesting content that will appeal to a wide demographic. Our first venture ‘Sid Sessions’, is a light hearted show where I respond to the more ‘obscure’ messages that I receive on social media in a way that hasn’t really been done before. Too many people nowadays are preoccupied with their own images so it also serves as a reminder that it is OK to make fun of yourself once in a while!”

#SidSession although resembles Jimmy Kimmel‘s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets yet it has its own charm. We have to hand it to Sid for being so sporty by laughing at himself.

No comment makes us laugh more than the “cleavage” one and considering he was once close to the woman in question….

From being called a twat to speaking up about circumcision, Sid Mallya is in your face and you can’t ignore him! And yes, he is an obsession because within no time, this show is clearly a hit.

With this third episode the obsession escalates so much that junkies wanna know if Sid is Gay! And Sid gaily responds to this pressing issue.

After watching this, we only wait for the rest of the #SidSessions. Your views regarding the show will be appreciated.


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