Top 10 Dud Item Numbers Of Bollywood

Commercialization is a part and parcel of Bollywood Industry. It not only adds glamour quotient to the otherwise dull imageries but an oomph factor that does magic for the film. It certainly lightens the drama and heightens our excitement. If you know what we mean. Coming back to the item numbers, they often, they always turn out to be great party number. And that’s what we like about them. However, there are also sour grapes in the lot of the sweet melons. (Please don’t think otherwise, we mean only the literal connotation of the given example.) These grapes dull our mood and add extreme dreariness to the whole moving watching experience. Hence, presenting the top 10 dud item numbers of Bollywood.

1. We don’t really understand who will dance on such a song during the wedding reception of your friend? Won’t this look extremely cheap?

2. This shows how lyrics can go terribly wrong…


The “fakht” (a Marathi word for only) is replaced by “just” after the moral police point it out. However, the lip sync hasn’t changed.


3. We understand that filmmakers have a thing for foreign skin but this song was way too much. No wonder, the film tanked at BO.

4. This song might have been a hit with some of you but the lyrics didn’t go down well with us.

5. 🎶Hey chhanno! saali atom bomb
Hey Channo! kare dil ding-dong
Channo ki aankhein bijli bijli
Channo ki kamariya patli patli
Haath naa aaye saali titli titli
Desi ghee ye asali asli 🎶

#Hahahahahahaha… And this is just not it, things can get worst if you keep listening to Channo and see Veena Malik dancing.

6. We never knew there was a film named “Loot” starring Govinda! And then we met a revelation, this item song….

7. Yet another maddening track from the so-called item queen…

8. The following song marks an official debut of pickles in the industry!

9. The lyricists simply don’t get the pronunciation of the speaker right. They call it “sapikar” And that’s not the only problem with this item song. There’s Celina, alright but we wonder what is Tusshar Kapoor doing in it?

10. It starts with an “aaun” keeps going “aaun aaun”! Really? And whatever does the word Ummabakkum mean to you?

Are there any more you know of? Write to us. 

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