Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Month!

Trends in social media continue. It is a parallel world, a mirror to reality. Perhaps that is why the videos put out on social platforms go viral almost instantly. Social media has been buzzing with a few videos that are not only amusing, entertaining but educative. It is not just Ranveer Singh who is the hero of the viral videos of this month. We have found MonsterShanu who ably and apty speaks about the Gauhar Khan slap incident.

Take a look at the Top 7 viral videos of the month!

  1. Guys it is DDLJ month! Our favourite film completes 1000th week. It has been running in Maratha Mandir for long now. We have heard that to join in the celebration the team DDLJ will grace the said theater to watch their film. We hope this is minus the lungi-beedi crowd the theater always hosts!
  1. When we were in Journalism College, we were given an appropriate lesson as to how one should cover an event or conduct interviews. Background research of the interviewee was a must. However, this young lady seems to have a likening to break all the rules. So much for taking a Journo degree! We bet she will give you a migraine.
  1. Benedict Cumberbatch is the next big thing on television. He has in a trance with his mind-blowing performance in Sherlock, this being just one of his mighty works. However, if you haven’t yet fallen in love with this man, you surely will when you see him emulate Michael Caine, Owen Wilson, Alan Rickman,, Taylor Swift, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hiddleston and many more within 60 seconds!
  1. We have seen many trailers, some of us might have even dared to watch the trailers of one of the Bhojpuri films. They are not all that bad. In fact, they are way too funny and that’s why, yes, we confess, that’s why we love watching them. However, this trailer that stars SRK, Sanjay Dutt and Katrina is killer. The next thing you know is you will be rolling on the floor laughing!
  1. This is a need of the hour! We need to speak up and speak up loud and clear. This is simply not about the chessy non-veg forwards anymore. This is about chastity and being open about who you are. If sex doesn’t exists you don’t exists. Accept it!
  1. Another one engaging Rex Talk by Ranveer, this too is a silent yet stinging slap to the moral police. The fact that Kamasutra is our gift to the world and we shy away from speaking about it, then there is really something wrong with Indians! Don’t beep out SEX, say SEX, say yes to safe sex!
  1. This video happens to be show stopper for a guy, some guy on the internet, gets us engaged into this talk and how lurid was the incident that happened with celebrity-video jockey Gauhar Khan while she was hosting the show. Where were the bouncers, how did the security guys let the man in, these are not the questions. But what prompted that guy to take such an action that is the question!

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