12 Underdog Films Of 2014 That You Must Watch

Every year many films grace the Indian theatres. Some highly intelligent, some highly funny, some dramatic, some over-dramatic, some meaningless. But amidst this clatter and clutter of maar-dhad, rona-dhona, naach-gaana, there are some underdog films which are par excellence. These films bank on the story for story is their protagonist. They do not engage in unnecessary promotional gimmicks. Perhaps that is why they don’t get much mileage. But they turn out to be must watch and those of you who invest in these films find them value for money. This year too we have had such films.

Here is a list of 12 Underdog films of 2014 that you must watch.

Miss Lovely

The film is part fiction and part non-fiction. It delves into the criminal genre of cinema, often called as the sub-genre, the horror fiction. It is a tale of two brothers who are into movie making business but their movies are sleaze sex-horror films. Not many would know but the film received a National film Award: Special jury award for feature film. Noted review portals like Hollywood Reporter compared it to a “European Art Movie” calling it “frustratingly opaque.”


The film revolves around the adventures of a school boy, his adolescence and a carefree life. The film which is part comical and part thriller, is yet another highly acclaimed film. The film is absurd in a sense ‘coz it was made in 1989 but was released this year and add to that the absurd notions of a teenage boy. The film is highly experimental, it is frustrating but at the same time amazingly funny.

Ankhon Dekhi

The film is touted to be rich in its philosophical undertones. The story of the film revolves around the life of an old man and his funny journey. The critics called it “wonderfully whimsical”, “consistently unpredictable” yet “engaging.”


A deserted railway station where 3 assassins wait for their kill, sounds thrilling?  Well, it is certainly “enigmatic” with a fresh plot. It is a “fast paced and slick crime thriller” which leaves unnerved.

Dekh Tamasha Dekh

An intelligent political-religious satire, Dekh Tamasha Dekh is one-of-a-kind film which happens to be inspired from true incidents. It bares the reality and “offers hilarity” in chunks. The film starts off with a death of a man who is crushed under the weight of a politician. The dead man by birth is a Hindu but later converts to Islam. This starts the debate and the court case against the Politician.

Hawaa Hawaai

A dreamer, a skater, a young chap from school who aims to fly high. Arjun wants to make it big in world of skating. The film revolves around the journey of Arjun and his coach to become the world champion. Many called it an extraordinary film and a heartwarming tale.


This one is a biopic based on an unsung hero, a martyr who died fighting for truth. Alas! The film didn’t get good response from the viewers. However, it was a brave and realistic attempt seen in movie making. The brother of the martyr was outraged at the low BO response. He said, “It’s not a movie with an item song or love story or the one which audience normally expect. It’s poignant, isn’t it… an ordinary man fighting against corruption and getting brutally killed. I only wish and hope that more people should know of his real story, what he did, why, what he stood for, and get inspired by him.”


The film which is touted to be “fictional biography” speaks about a common man who wishes to make it big in the world of literature. His aspirations are met with disappointment when he is asked to spice up his tales. He then churns out pornographic content under a penname “Mastram”. The film is rock solid and risky. It is quiet unusual and nothing like the usual Bollywood jaaz.


Yet another from Hansal Mehta’s kitty which peels off the layers of life and bares the reality. The film is a remake of BAFTA nominated British film Metro Manila. It is a story of an ex-army man who has to migrate to a metropolitan city after facing massive losses. Here the struggle and the chase for life start. While he is forced to take up the job of a security guard, his wife has to bear the life of a bar dancer. It is one poignant and thought provoking film.

Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami

One rife drama, a one-of-a-kind political satire that revolves around the last wish of a common man to be given “Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami.” The film encapsulates the life of a petty government employee who lives and dies in poverty as opposed to the lousy lout the CM who forever has reveled in luxury.  The film has a repeat value and is a paisa-vasool film. It is “well-intentioned”,  “a chaotic delight” and “thoroughly a refreshing change!”

A Decent Arrangement

In the changing times where every hour is a struggle, every hour a new hope, we keep searching for ourselves incessantly. This film focuses on our life in the changing times and while it is true to reality it also has edgy comedy. The reviewers believe that the filmmakers despite being NRI capture the Indian essence perfectly rendering it a watchable factor.

Zed Plus

Zed plus security is often touted to be an issue. However, we never really thought what would happen when Zed Plus is given to a common man? The film’s story revolves around this angle and is satirically witty. The film is “meaty” and is “light-hearted” in its attempt to bring out the reality.


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