10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

The thing is, India is a rich country of effortlessly crazy folks. Crazy, because we are often passionate about world’s weirdest things and we have the ability to go to any extent to reach our goals. Believe us, target marketing is not the only space where you find people fiddling and pushing their way to make it big. There is that craze for Bollywood in each of us and we harbor it in the most unique manner possible. It is this Bollywood craze that amplifies the greatness of the word craze.

Back in India we have a habit of naming our streets or chowks after a renowned celebrity. During the release of their films we often see people showering the posters of the actor with flowers, milk or garlands. That magnanimity of craze is unfound and certainly, not of this Earth; perhaps, not to be found in any other part of the world. While thinking so we came across a chunk of news/newses that left us in awe. An utterly Bollywood frenzied audience has named weird things after their favorite Bollywood actors.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

This happened during the shooting of Ek Tha Tiger where Salman was a regular in one of the Turkish café. Salman believed that the café was in dire need of revamping so he happened to suggest some changes here and there. The café owner changed the entire décor based on Salman’s tastes and named even changed the name of the café from Café Del-Mar to Salman Khan Café.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

Now coming to the cuisines, our stars are foodie, big time. And the die-hard chickentarians like Sanju Baba cannot stop themselves from giving out special recipes to the restaurant owners. A restaurant in Bhendi Bazaar called as Noor Mohammadi Hotel got one such meaty recipe from Sanjay Dutt. After implementing the said procedures when the hotel owner served it to his customers, the dish received a humungous positive response. As an ode to the artist for his instinctive culinary skills, the owner named the dish after Dutt.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

And somewhat similar story goes for Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi. He has a dosa christened after him.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

Laugh as you will but what comes next is startling. Celestial bodies are being named after stars. Yes, you read that right! Madhuri Dixit-Nene gaily tweeted saying that, “Wanted to thank my fans for the honour. They had a star in the Orion constellation named after me.” A 13 member fan club called as The Empress was persistent to get a star named after their beloved starlet. They presented the certificate for the same on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

Much similar incident happened with the King Khan on his 44th Birthday. As per the reports given by a leading national day, a New-York based International Lunar Geographic Society had named a crater or a piece of moon after the superstar! The crater was called as Crater S.R.Khan. However, later the reports were denied.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

And following suit were the fans of Sasha, Shahid Kapoor. If reports are to be believed, Sasha’s fan rechristened a star after the actor with the help of a popular website. This star also comes from Orion Constellation where Madhuri star sits. Perhaps the two stars are neighbours!

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

Speaking about exuberance, style and humility than we all are thinking on the same lines i.e. Amitabh Bachchan. He is the gracious of the gracious from B-town. And why would one wait to name anything after him? We’d do it right away. The tallest pen/ building/ boots all can be graced by his name, we are sure. But people of Sikkim and Kolkata have named their waterfall and temple, respectively, after him. The Naga falls in Sikkim got the actor’s name owing to its height and the temple in Kolkata got this magnanimous name owing the star’s popularity! If reports are to be believed Big B didn’t appreciate the concept of constructing a temple in his name.

Oh Boy! You made a boo-boo there! 😉

But here is the biggest boo-boo of our times!

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

Mallika Sherawat. No the actress isn’t a boo-boo but the shake named after her does sound like one. We take it that it’d be an honour to have things named after you especially the delicacies. But that (the shake) sounds eew! Think, you telling your girlfriend that you are having a “Mallika Shake”, sounds gross, right? We are sure she’d dump you immediately. But this is reality! Hollywood has named a shake after our lady, which has all the possible berries you could find with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

And joining the wagon in the shake rechristening is Priyanka Chopra’s first international solo, Exotic.

Moving on….

10 Uncanny Things Named After Bollywood Celebs

When we speak of Hollywood and global beauties, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan can never be left behind. And it comes as a little surprise that people who have appreciated her beauty by calling her World’s most beautiful woman, have named a flower after her. Yes, a pretty tulip flower has been named after this famed lady in Netherlands.

So, if given a chance, what is it that you’d name after your favourite celeb? Write to us, we are waiting to hear from you.


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