WorldWideWeb Goes Berserk As Youngistaan Is Nominated For Oscars.

Oscars has become a joke and the butt of this joke is a dud Bollywood film Youngsitaan. This film which hardly ran for a week or so and which didn’t even connect with the audience has been nominated for Oscars. While we know this nomination was certainly on the basis of merit, yet it intrigues us, surprises us and shocks us. Not only us but India has been talking about it and soon the world will. Reviewers called this film atrocious and the viewers slyly let it go. We paid no heed to the film but now its grabbing eye balls. Reason? Oscars. How could that happen! How? How! How!?

Disturbing thought, utterly disturbing, because if Youngistaan can go for Oscars then any film can! We mean, even a Singh Saab The Great can go for Oscars, Love Story 2050 can go Oscars, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag can go for Oscars, every film that was nothing but crap will go for Oscars. We have totally lost our faith in Oscars let alone the Indian awards. And this has become a huge issue on social media as well. People have been chanting how insane this selection process has been…we think inane would be a better adjective here, it kinda personifies the awards! Before we start abusing the film and the selection jury, check these hilarious tweets that question the sanity of the jury members!

Trolled and how!


Enough said!



LOL, the world can’t be more tolerant than this.



What’s AAP’s reaction to this?



Kamaal R Khan is now hopeful and will perhaps make Deshdrohi 2 😛


Yes, we have indeed lost our faith.


Youngistaan For Oscars inspires Rahul Gandhi. He hopes to be our next PM!


Creativity dies dreadful death with this news.


What’s the real category for which Youngistaan is selected?


Our reaction, ditto!


Black Day In The History Of Bollywood, #YoungistaanForOscars. #RIP Creativity & Filmmaking.


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