Bollywood Songs That Have Found A Way In West

If a thief steals something he is called a thief but if another thief steals something from the original thief then he isn’t a thief, they are more like brothers. Got us? Well, this just like the poetic justice, you know… chor ke ghar chori and jazz? Ditto! This proverbial post dawned on us when we came across few songs that are nothing but a copy of Bollywood tracks. Shocked? Well, indeed they are a copy, for copy machines aren’t a patent of India alone! They are universal. Now that it is rendered universality, let us look at the Bollywood songs that have found a way in West.

The Dictator trailer has the Boom track all over! Keep your ears open for this track is continually playing in the backdrop.

Inside Man has Chaiya Chaiya mingled with English rap.

Mohammed Rafi’s Mera Man tera Pyasa has been playing in the background, you gotta try really hard to listen to it.

Baz Luhrman scooped up this item song picturised on Urmila Matondkar and used it in his film, Moulin Rouge.

The dumdhamak composed by A.R.Rahman was used in Accidental Husband.

Once again ARR’s theme from Bombay is played in Lord Of War.

A popular track from a popular suspense thriller from yesteryears, Gumnaam was used in the introductions of the film Ghost World.

And of course we know about this one, Chori chori used in The Guru.

Then here’s more to it.

Jelena Karleusa used the song Dum Dum from Band Baaja Baaraat in her album Nova Religija.

Goga Sekulic composed a song from her album Naocare picking up the composition of Dhoom Machale.

Dara Bubamara, a Serbian pop and folk singer, used the compositions of two Bollywood songs and made them her own.

Got any more track that West has flicked from Bollywood? Write to us! 🙂

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