If Famous Cartoons Were To Be Made In India These Celebs Would Be Just Right As Leads!

Some things don’t change in us, they remain put. And even though we are trudging through the most difficult phase of our life, they bring in some dashing memories that leave us smiling. What would life be really without those beautiful childhood memories! It is a debatable topic and we could write pages after it. But even in the dullness of that topic will be a spark which will ignite something in us. And something similar happened a few minutes ago, before this post was conceived and conceptualized. We saw a starlet draped much like the dreaded vamp from Disney film and that’s when it hit home. Our post ought to be about the celebs who are much like the famous cartoon characters.

Neha Dhupia

As mentioned afore, Neha Dhupia’s outfit porved to an inspiration for this post And think she certainly looks like Cruella Di Vil in her outfit. The outfit was perhaps closer to being a Princess gown but her hair-and her stance do made her look like Cruella.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Vicious and vivacious in White!

Sid Mallya

He effortlessly passes as the Johnny Bravo.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

What with his hair-do and sweet talks, he has became an eye-candy for all the girls around the world. And with his entry in Bollywood he is sure to become a rage back in India as well.

Zayed Khan

The first thing that you notice when you see Flynn Rider is his uncanny resemblance to Zayed Khan.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

This skinny, lean caricature perhaps was modeled on Indian celeb.

Vijay Raaz

One of the most talented comedians of our time resembles the most bombastic cartoon from our childhood days, Shaggy from Scobby Doo!

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Scooby Doo would be incomplete without Shaggy. And if it is ever to be made in India, we know who should reprise the character of Shaggy.

Aamir Khan

Now, one would think, who does Mr. Perfectionist replicate? Well, well, this may come as a shock but if you have seen Rise Of Planet Of Apes, you too shall agree with us that Ceasar acts a lot like Aamir.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Don’t agree? Watch the film again and you shall know 😉

Kangana Ranaut

Don’t you think she is stunningly similar to Merida, the Disney princess?

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Her slender body, pale skin, curly mane of hair, the description itself reminds us of Kangana.

Sonam Kapoor

She is a Princess and she has proven it with Khoobsurat. She need not go any further.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

However, if Tangled was to be made in India than the first choice for Raapunzel’s role has to be Sonam Kapoor. She can act naïve as much as blonde.

Deepika Padukone

Street smart chick of B-town is equivalent to Aladin’s Jasmine.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons


She is daring and dashing and perfect to be Jasmine.

Keshto Mukherjee

You’d wonder why have we got this yesteryears comedian/alcoholic here? Simply because if he would have been alive, he would have been a perfect candidate to roll on the character of smirky Popeye.

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Had genius of our likes been born in Mukherjee’s time then Keshto would have been Indian Popeye for sure.

Ranveer Singh

Think hard what character is closer to being Ranveer Singh and you end up thinking, well, this one is easy! Considering Singh is a chatterbox and can blabber for hours at a stretch, you can almost hear him saying, “Ehh, What’s up, Doc?”

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

He can speak the vilest truths without blinking his eyes and of course he is funny yet weird. Bugs Bunny was just the same.

Kunaal Roy Kapur

Amongst all the biggies to have a name like Kunaal Roy Kapur might look bizarre but he has a role cut out for him from the very beginning we believe. Can’t think of any?

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Well, he is Indian Fred Flintstone. Ditto! Don’t you think?

Nikitin Dheer

Indian Celebrities as Famous Cartoons

Taking into consideration, this man’s height, weight and personality, Dheer is for sure the Hulk Bollywood was deprived of.

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