Food Diaries With Sweet Tooth Kunal Kapoor

Food Diaries With Sweet Tooth Kunal KapoorAfter no shave November, it is time for no shape December. Stuff as much as you can in your mouth and go out of shape. Drink as much as you love and simply get sloshed! It is December and the year is on the verge to end. Perhaps the year too has had too much to drink and eat and needs to get in shape again, the year wishes to start over. However, by December next year, 2015 will be bloating, we bet! Mayhap a burp or two might help solve the matters for 2015. Coming back to 2014 which is yet to close, we thought of bringing Food Diaries of Bollywood celebrities for all the foodies out there. Here are chunks from an interview with Kunal Kapoor, let’d check his foodie quotient.

How foodie are you?

I live to eat. My philosophy is eat, drink and be merry! And RIP that cruel diet!

What kinda food do you like to savor?

I prefer simple meals. I like home cooked food, especially my mother’s dal, rajma, bhindi (ladyfinger) and gajar ka halwa. Being a Punjabi, our meals at home are full of ghee, butter and spices. I prefer dal, roti and one vegetable. In non-vegetarian food, I fancy fish and chicken. Mutton is not my cup of tea.

Do you like to relish food other than Punjabi?

I enjoy Gujarati food. They add a touch of sweetness in every dish.

How did you develop a liking for Gujarati food?

My sister Reshma is married into a Gujarati household blessed with great cooks. That’s how I developed this taste.

Which is your favourite Gujarati dish?

My favorites are Gujarati dal, aamras (mango juice), thepla and dhokla. My sister prepares crispy bhindi in curd gravy garnished with spices.

Which are your favourite food joints in Mumbai?

Shiv Sagar or Amar Juice Centre in Juhu were my favourite. I also fancy Parsi food, a taste I developed while visiting the homes of my Parsi friends. During my younger days I used to visit Britania Restaurant at Fort with my father. Their fish curry rice is amazing. I also discovered another delightful place there – Jimmy Boy. My favourite spot for Italian food in Mumbai is Grand Hyatt’s Celini.

And places abroad?

I ate at Bangkok’s famed restaurant, Gaggan. It’s among the world’s top 50 restaurants. I also visited the Fuji Japanese Restaurant and Gen Pu Kan in Bangkok.

Any place in India where you’d go food hunting?

Gajalee in Goa also serves a great array of items. Chokhi Dhaani Resort is a joint in Jaipur, where guests are welcomed in traditional Rajasthani style. The fare served at Rambagh Palace is yummy.  In Amritsar, there is a place called Kanhaiyya, which has been serving chhole puri for the past 50 years. I haven’t eaten such tasty chhole puri to date. I love the langar served at the Golden temple especially their kade ka halwa. I have a sweet tooth.

Are you a fan of any particular dish?

I have an obsession for cake, pastries, chocolates, besan laddoo, gajar ka halwa, ras malai, rabdi, gulab jamun, jalebi and ice cream!

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